You know how young children repeat the same argument over and over when they don’t get their way, haranguing and harassing their parents in an effort to get what they want?  They refused to accept the decision but have no new arguments to present.

It seems that some people never grow out of this, even when they get jobs and become parents themselves.  You’d think that after more than a quarter of a century some people would get it through their thick skins that it doesn’t work.  It rarely works for children and it has even less chance for an adult. 

Pouting doesn’t work either, it just makes me laugh at you.


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16 responses to “Harangued

  1. people like that drive me to drink! I am quite stubbourn and will fight tooth and nail for the last word but ONLY if I know that I am right and ONLY if I truely have a good arguement with many different angles to come at you with. I like you find it quite humerous when grown adults pout and I know a few that actual still do it!

  2. Jason

    cue some smart alec saying “are we nearly there yet?”…… 🙂

  3. Dom

    Can I have a rabbit?

  4. Dom

    Please can I have a rabbit?

  5. Dom

    Mummy said she’d let us have a rabbit!

  6. Dom

    I want a rabbit! *pout* I hate you you never let us do fun things!

  7. Dom

    😀 You mean like that? 😀

  8. Oink

    My nieces are always trying this one on me:

    McDonalds! I love McDonalds! Can we go to McDonalds?
    I will never take you to McDonalds. Never. It’s rubbish – it doesn’t deserve to be called food. I’ll never take you. Stop asking.

    Next week…
    McDonalds! Let’s go to McDonalds!

    They never learn. Why? Because their parents give in to them.

    I don’t think I’ve met an adult like this, thankfully!

  9. Oink

    PS – Can I have a rabbit? Dom’s mean – doesn’t deserve one – but I do! I’d clean it’s cage out EVERY DAY!

  10. Oink

    (It’s not just McDonalds, of course. They do it on everything!)

  11. Dom would eat the rabbit, don’t let him have one .. give it to ME, (mine’s batteries have run out! 😉 )

  12. Sorry, I don’t know what came over me there, but if I choose to pout, I bloody well will! 😀

  13. Dom

    I. wouldn’t eat it. Can’t guarantee it’s fate thought [clicky] *Warning: Not suitable for those of a sensitive nature. Animals were harmed in the making of this link*

  14. I suggest that you lot never form a support group for the harrassed.

    Although I did chuckle so maybe I’m being unfair.

  15. Have you been following me to work? I deal with people like this every day!!

  16. Yes Span, I’m secretly stalking you.

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