Pi Day

Today is Pi (π) Day, March 14th (3.14) and technically at 1:59pm we celebrate.

As arbitrary celebration days go I like this one a lot.  Not only is it geeky but it is just as irrational as Christmas, Easter and all those other arbitrary days that we all choose to celebrate on a regular, yet arbitrary, basis.  It is also a day of transcendental reflection as it’s a transcendental number. 

It is also Einstein’s birthday.

How shall I spend my Pi (π) day?

Eating pie, of course, and making up a Pi-Ku.

How I wish I could,
Calculate Pi around round,
And never finished.


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11 responses to “Pi Day

  1. Dom

    no, no, no, NO. Dates a represented high order-low order (i.e. ISO standard format YYYY-MM-DD) or low order-high order (i.e. DD/MM/YYYY), while I will accept the latter format without the year (i.e. DD/MM), the format MM/DD on it’s own is NEVER acceptable. I spend far to much of may day having to fart arse around trying to work out if 2/3 is the second of March or the 3rd of Feb because the yanks have to be bloody awkward and all our software has to take dates. Today is 14/3 and has nothing to do with pi. Pi day is 22/7. Anyone who wishes to argue the toss can arange a meeting place where my, a handful of razer sharp swords and a bunch of really hacked off British developers will explain things in painful details.

    That will be all


  2. I unwittingly celebrated with a rather splendid fish pie accompanied with chips and two pints of 6X at lunchtime.

    How I enjoyed my Pi
    ‘Twas good – no lie
    Now I need a sleep

  3. Nobody ever celebrates e-day, which makes me sad.

  4. Oh dear – I think my son (who is very into math – he’s on the school math team) forgot it was Pi Day.

    Last year he remembered and wore his Pi shirt in honor of the day.

  5. Oh man I had no idea it was pi day. Rats. Still a few hours left to go…

  6. purplephreak

    It was also White Day in Japan, a celebration similar to Valentine’s day where people give marshmallows to their loved ones 🙂

    And according to one of my mates it was also steak and a BJ day… but I’m not sure I believe him

  7. I celebrated with, erm, chips. 🙂

  8. I agree with Dom!

    Pi day is clearly the 3rd of the 14th 1592 while Ten Pi day is the 31st of the 4th 1592. Those who insist upon arbitrary anniversaries could choose (if enough agree) to celebrate on either day each year but as there are, in point of actual, fact 24 hours in any one day the exact (approx!) time to celebrate would be 15:92.65535897932384626433832795.. etc or 92 and a big bit minutes past 3 PM.

    Some weirdo’s might insist upon celebrations commencing at 1:59.265 etc AM but i’m usually asleep at such times so that is clearly a ludicrous suggestion.!

    Now – Where’s mi Pi?

    love ❤

  9. Yay, two Pi (π) days 🙂 …if only April had 31 days 😦

    Thirty days hath November,
    April, June, and September:
    Of twenty-eight is but one,
    And all the remnant thirty-one

  10. you didn’t point out there is no such month as the 14th! tut tut! 😉
    (I wrote the 3rd (day) of the 14th (month) – being a fan of the correct form of date writing)

    or that there are only 60 mins in an hour!

    I’d check your sarcasm detector if me were thee! – it seems to be on the fritz! 🙂

    My verse has September and November’s relative positions reversed – not that it makes a difference – and ‘all the rest have 31, ‘cepting February alone’ This version removes the potential for inaccuracy over leap years 🙂

    love ❤

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