The pub broke

It’s not my fault.  I went for a pint because the pub has less drunk people than the bus station.  I’d barely started drinking when all the power went out.  No lights, no kitchen, no pumps.

Time to close the pub.

I had to hang out with the drunks and loonies at the bus station.

I need a car.



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9 responses to “The pub broke

  1. Nah… you can’t drink in a car. Well, not without being at risk of spillage.

  2. That sounds like a living nightmare!

  3. Yasmin

    Why is it that bus stations are always full of drunks, anyway?

  4. Brennig, that’s why bottles were invented.

    Perp, very much so but it could have been worse. I could have been waiting to be served when the power failed. That would have been horrible.

    Yasmin, drunks need to get home too and they don’t let them drive. Of course, bus companies don’t stop you drinking when you’ve had enough like pubs are supposed to.

  5. That is just WRONG! Don’t they have back up power? They clearly should. You must have been TERRIFIED to have to hang out at the bus station.
    *passes a beer*

  6. tam

    Aawww, i think i feel bad for you Hov 😉

  7. Kudos! Not many people manage to break a whole pub!

  8. mylozmom, you’d think that they would have their own generator. I mean hospitals do and we all know that pubs are more important than hospitals. Bus stations after dark are how I always imagine what it must have been like to live in cave men times…but with beer and drug use. so worse than cave men really.

    Tam, too right.

    Tender, it’s not my fault. It’s not my fault.

  9. awwww poor wittle froggy…

    our hearts are breaking that booz craving broke a pub…
    *sniff* 🙂

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