E Gary Gygax RIP

Basic SetI’ve just found out that Gary Gygax died on Tuesday.

I bought the Red Box Basic rules in 1983 with pocket money that I’d save for weeks and the Blue Box Expert rules a month or two later.  We used to play after school at a friend’s house.  I attribute my interest in reading both fiction and history to the playing of this game as a child.  I also attribute my learning mathematics to this game and the countless hours of adding up dice and calculating THAC0s, Saving Throws and ACs on the fly.

The man was also a prolific writer and imaginative world builder who took a game and built an industry on what he enjoyed doing.  An inspiration to many people, he will be missed.

I wonder what he’ll roll up for his next character?


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4 responses to “E Gary Gygax RIP

  1. I say Hover, it’s a bastard getting here from China, as wordpiss is blocked, so I need to use a cunning plan, but good to see you keeping the faith blogwise. Drop in some time, and if I can’t reciprocate, blame the Great Firewall!

  2. Mas

    you beat me to writing the post (too much work to blame) – I saw it yesterday (on “Icanhazcheezeburger” of all places”) – I was late getting into roleplay (not until my student years) but, having gone back and found the old D&D and AD&D stuff that he was responsible could see that the industry owed him quite the debt. He wasn’t all that old either; do role players die younger?

    Now as to his next character … he didn’t strike me as a powergamer, so it would probably be something rich and fully fledged, with an interesting and colourful back-story over and above the basic stats.

    A great inspiration; he’ll be missed.

  3. What I want to know is how many dragons were slain on your getaway???? Any hobbits or fairies? Then is the bunny going to blog again???

  4. snarlz

    hows that?

    he was the D&D gur. that makes sense….

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