Up, up, away!

I’m off to visit our sister company in the treacherous mountains of East Sussex.  There I shall do battle with trolls and goblins, with witches and demons, with dragons and shapeshifters.  I shall be cut off from the rest of reality for a while (no change there) and may well suffer pangs of longing for the mysteries of WordPress.  I cannot have them though.  I must deny myself.  I shall be in meetings.

Think of me as I languish in the dungeons of meetingdom.  Think of me as I combat the evils of marketing and the perils of accounts.  Think of me, dear friends.  I shall not be gone for long.

Now, I must depart.  My trusty steed, South West Trains, awaits.

*rides off waving*


Filed under Bad things happen, Reasons to be cheerful

9 responses to “Up, up, away!

  1. Oooooooooooooooooooo have fun fighting the dragons

  2. Dom

    Get an iPhone, then you can blog from your meetings 😀

  3. Um, Froggy, I don’t think they have dragons and stuff in E. Sussex. Just to set your mind at rest! 😉

  4. Oooo! E. Sussexian shapeshifters? They’re the worst kind.

  5. Good luck and fairwell! Don’t leave us too long!

  6. Good luck and drink mead. 😉

  7. snarlz

    didnt u miss ur train? i guess that means no dragon-slaying, E.Sussezian-shapeshifter-hunting, dungeon-of-meetdomness or wotevr 4 u then. or u could just catch da nxt train…


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