Has anyone got an iron I could borrow?  Mine broke and I don’t want to go to work creased.

I should just take the day off.  Right?



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5 responses to “Iron

  1. You could pretend it’s Casual Monday and wear a t-shirt.

  2. divastar

    I like that reason, sounds good enough to me! ;o)

  3. Dom

    Wear a jumper over the shirt. I have an uber iron, but I’m at work already and I live a long way away.

  4. I’d lend you mine but:

    1. You’re a hundred miles away
    2. Mine is crap. It doesn’t seem to iron anything and just splurts out white limescale residue so I have to iron everything inside out.

    Not that I iron anything really anyway. I take it out of the washing machine when it’s still damp and hang it up to dry so any creases drop out.

    Lazy? Hmmm

  5. 1. If you’re an employed person, do it.
    2. If you’re a self-employed person, don’t do it but
    2.a Buy a new iron on the company credit card
    2.b May as well buy a company ironing board while you’re at it.

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