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I’ve been asked by the lovely Helen to be a guest blogger on the eBay Atheist site because it is “important to have a non-zero number of atheist bloggers”.  I’m writing on someone else’s blog and therefore need to put more thought into it than the usual witterings than take the place of writing on my blog.  I have the Monday slot which is a good thing because it gives me a whole weekend to write something properly.

I’m also a guest blogger over at Friendly Christian but it’s less formal there so I just add something when I think of it.  Bill is almost entirely responsible for changing my attitude to Christians.  Hopefully that’ll make him smile. 🙂 I still have strong opinions but they’re a little more constructive now.

Now the begging part.  I need some topics to write about.  Something that will make me think and make others think.  As I am dense and have no ideas of my own I need the wonderful people of blog land to help me out.


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16 responses to “Off the Map – eBay Atheist

  1. You’ve said that Bill has changed your opinion of Christians for the better, so why not exploring what atheists and theists can do for one another? I’m a “better” atheist because of Christians I know and respect, and I think it’s a reciprocal deal.

    And of course I’m itching to have someone talk about this because I’m thinking a lot about it these days. In a month, I’m traveling to be present at my mother’s ordination. Given the absolute misery being inflicted on her by her “Christian” congregation, I’ve not put anything even remotely touching on religion on my blog for fear that Mom will read it and think I’m somehow picking on her ~too~.

    I really do think that an atheist perspective can be steadying for theists, and that theists have some things to teach atheists. If you don’t write about it for this little project, I’ll put something up after the 28th of March. 🙂

  2. Well done on the guest blogging dear. 🙂

  3. I asked you partly because I needed an atheist, but I asked you in particular because I like you and you’re great at friendly conversation with people who aren’t atheists as well as atheists :). Thanks for saying yes!

  4. Heather, considering how low my opinion of Christians was I think Bill has done a grand job. I think you have a point about Christians and atheists balancing each other out. This is probably more to do with getting the other side of the argument and being forced to question your beliefs than anything else. I think that the questions we ask are almost as important as the answers.

    What’s going on with your mother?

    Tender, I’m so proud. Hopefully it’ll be some time before I say anything that offends everyone and they kick me off.

    Helen, you say the sweetest things. I also do unfriendly conversations but I try to keep those to a minimum these days. I’m still a bit confused with you being an “almost atheist” though. I don’t know if you’ve written about it before but I’d love to see the steps that you took to reach where you are.

  5. Helen, you say the sweetest things.

    Thanks hf 🙂

    I also do unfriendly conversations but I try to keep those to a minimum these days.


    I’m still a bit confused with you being an “almost atheist” though. I don’t know if you’ve written about it before but I’d love to see the steps that you took to reach where you are.

    If you look on here it’s about a newspaper dialog starting with why I don’t go to church anymore – and if you scroll down to the end of the page it has two more links to places I’ve written about my change in belief (almost an atheist and The questions which didn’t have the right answer)

    I don’t have one place to point you, sorry.

  6. Well how about this for a subject.

    When people use the term Christian they tend to have a specific flavour in mind, as the term ‘Christian’ covers a multitude of sins. Catholics, Methodists, Evangelicals, Baptist, CofE etc. Believers tend to discuss things with regard to their version of Christianity.

    Atheists have to tailor their arguments depending on what version of Christianity they are dealing with in their opponent. Atheists have to have a wider knowledge of the various doctrinal differences between the various branches of the Christian Church.

    Does the very fact that there are differences of belief amongst the Religious organisations that claim to be Christian make any difference to either side of the argument?

    OK a bit of a ramble, but I hope it’s giving you some ideas for things to write about.

    FWIW My favourite argument is to accuse Catholics of being Cannibals 🙂

  7. tam

    Hey Hov, I think this is great. You’ll be great at it too!

  8. J

    You’re the man! FC wouldn’t be the same w/o you. I know OTM will feel the same.

    I love working with you guys. The pleasure is all mine.


  9. Stephan

    I am a regular reader and commenter over at Off the Map. Siamang had just started a series of posts on the book “The Little Book of Atheist Spirituality” by Andre’ Comte-Sponville. I recently checked it out from my local library and I’m loving it. It’s an amazing contrast to most of the recent books by atheist authors. Maybe you could pick up that thread.

    Also, Helen wrote extensively at the old Conversations at the Edge discussion board, which suffered a slow and sad death late last year. I don’t have the link anymore, but Helen can probably give it to you. You can’t post there anymore, but you can still read the old posts and Helen wrote volumes about herself, her struggles and where she is now. I have learned a lot from her.

  10. Hey, there… Here’s a topic for you:

    Christians (the true ones) believe that our values/morals/ethics, which come from God and the Bible, keep us grounded and on a straight path while living here on Earth. I would love to see a discussion on the differences between our belief systems as far as doing bad things. My reward of Heaven… fear of Hell… and desire to please God all keep me on the straight and narrow. But what builds the foundation for a conscience of an atheist? If life here on Earth is all that there is, with no consequences, what keeps an atheist grounded? Why aren’t all atheists running around cheating, lying, stealing, having sex, partying and ignoring responsibilities?

  11. Dom

    From my point of view it’s pretty obvious that ‘Do unto others as you would have done to yourself’ is a pretty good rule of thumb when living life. I just don’t need some bloke to be nailed to a tree to realise it 😀

  12. Mahatma Gandhi said: “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.”

  13. Maria, I’m not sure if you’re being deliberately ironic or not. However I shall do as you suggest.

    Stephan, I’d need to read “The Little Book of Atheist Spirituality” first and thanks to the evils of t’Internet and a book sale at my local library I have a huge pile of books to read. Really huge. It’s like three feet high. At least.

    Bill, thanks. You keep me quite busy coming up with topics as well.

    Tam, does that mean you’ll come and comment?

    cha0tic, you have a point about flavours of Christianity. I’ve mentioned elsewhere that it really isn’t a single religion anymore but lots of religions under one umbrella. Tailoring an argument can be tricky because people don’t generally announce that they are Catholic or Anglican or whatever, they just say “Jesus said…”.

    Also I though that it was atheists who were always accused of cannibalism. Specifically the eating of babies.

    Thanks again Helen, I’ve had a hectic few days at work but I will check out that link very soon.

  14. Look up transubstantiation.

  15. Tam 🙂

    cha0tic, yes but that’s figurative, atheists get accused of eating real babies.

    Ooh, maybe it isn’t figurative. I suppose you could take it literally….I bet you have loads of fun with that.

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