Work Your Proper Hours Day

You may not be aware that today (22nd February) is Work Your Proper Hours Day.

Normally I’d be up for leaving on time but the train was delayed and ended up getting to work late.  I don’t want to attract too much attention to the fact by leaving on time.  Leaving on time for me is almost the same as anyone else leaving early.

I’ll make sure I’m not the last one out.


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6 responses to “Work Your Proper Hours Day

  1. I took the quiz on the site you mentioned and i got this

    “You’ve got more work to do than you can fit into the time you are meant to spend at work. And if you can’t control the amount of work you do or how’s its organised then you’re more likely to be putting in extra time. It is quite likely that colleagues are also putting in extra time, but you could be the only person who can do your job. Either way, there’s too much work for just one of you.”

    Nothing I already know *sigh*

  2. I got to work at 8.50am today! Woo, not late! I must leave on time too, because The Mechanic turned up at mine last night rather than today to cheer me up and I have to go home and get lots of cuddles and kisses.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend Mr Frog xxx

  3. Hmmm… if I left work (counts) 52 minutes ago (14.00) I would have completed my 8 hours. Here for a good three hours more yet. 😦

  4. Mas

    Dang! Why do they never tell us of these things before the event 🙂

  5. Violet, you poor thing, encourage them to hire more people.

    Soupy, well done. Did you stop for T&2T (is that right?) on the way in? Good fun with the cuddles and kisses. Have a spiffing weekend. 😉

    Brennig, that’s not good. Here I was thinking that you must be independently wealthy as well.

    Mas, it’s a national secret. Go, make a break for the door. Go, go, GO!

  6. One of the many changes in the work places between when I got my first job, 1960′ and when I retired, 1990’s, was in the practical elimination of “work hours”.

    People work as many hours as they need to get the job done. For me that was usually 50-60 hours. The only that counted was did you do a good job and get it done by the scheduled end date.

    I had to hand in, or e-mail, my report on time, points for if it was completed early. I sometimes worked 16 hours straight, then took a day off.

    If I had to work a 20 hour day that was my problem.

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