This season I am mostly reading

The End of Mr Y by Scarlett Thomas

So far I am mostly enjoying it.  Expect blog entries about thought experiments in the near future.


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2 responses to “This season I am mostly reading

  1. It’s good, yes? I like the sounds of the little bit of information you’ve provided thus far.

  2. It’s very detailed and the thought experiments mentioned are leading me into all sorts of other things to read. I am enjoying it.

    However The Hildy put it down. She didn’t like the overabundance of detail and the story is very slow to start. I mean that there is one section where she details receiving a text message and goes into what the envelope icon means and who it’s from, etc.

    Plus she didn’t have a lot of sympathy with the character of Ariel although I quite like her despite of (or maybe because of) her self destructive actions and borderline depression.

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