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Meme: Seven things I approve of

Potage de bleu de Mlle has charged me with citing seven things that I approve of.  I was going to be lazy and just list the Seven Deadly Sins but I’ve opted for a more personal approach.  Here they are:

1. Questions

Ignorance is a terrible thing and the best way of dispelling ignorance is to ask questions.  Accepting something without questioning it is just stupid.  If you disagree don’t bother to ask me why.

2. Being wrong

This goes on from the previous point really but I get to be wrong about lots of different things a lot of the time.  The wonderful thing about being wrong is that I can admit it and change my mind.  If I was never wrong I’d miss out on that.

3. Anger

Good righteous anger makes for change.  When people get angry they get motivated to change things.

4. Electricity

Honestly, I would be able to do almost nothing without electricity.  It’s a wonderful form of energy.

5. Mortality

This is complicated but mortality is vital to life and the appreciation of it.

6. The occasional expletive

I don’t mean the constant swearing that can be heard in any builder’s yard but a well placed expletive can add gravitas to an otherwise mild sentence.  It needs to be rare though otherwise the impact is diminished.

7. Cuddling

As a social animal I enjoy physical contact and cuddling is good for that.  Plus it’s lazy and I like lazy too but I ran out of points.

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