Roundhead. Not Cavalier.

I get an email each day with a Word of the Day.  Tucked at the end of the email is usually a quote.  Today’s quote made me laugh out loud and tell everyone at the bus stop.  Luckily they were family members so there aren’t any more people out there who think I’m crazy.

Here it is:

“Our heads are round so that thoughts can change direction.” – Francis Picabia, painter and poet (1879-1953)


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5 responses to “Roundhead. Not Cavalier.

  1. What awesome thinking. Gosh. I need to sit down in a quiet room to fully digest the enormity of this man’s logical statement.

  2. snarly

    ur a very strange man

  3. This does not inspire confidence in “pointy-headed intellectuals” does it?

  4. Well if they were square with sharp corners it would make giving birth a heck of a lot more painful – wouldn’t it?

  5. I LOVE it!! I will add it to my collection of quotes. 🙂

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