I’m at my gran’s funeral on Monday in Wisbech.  My little brother is picking me up from Peterborough at 11 am and dropping me off at 6 pm after the wake.

Between 6:30 and 8:30 I’ll be in London before leaving from Waterloo.  Anyone fancy a pint?  Is Bonaparte’s still in the station?


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10 responses to “Funeral

  1. I WOULD have come along to meet you, but I am at the doctor’s on Monday morning so won’t be in town until about 10!

  2. What about on the way back? After work for you.

  3. Couple of hundred miles in the wrong direction for me, but I promise I shall raise a beer in your honour at 19.30 Monday.

  4. Alas Mr Frog, I am meeting my best mate from school after work tomorrow xx

  5. Dom

    I’ll be home by then (well, actually in the gym, but in Colchester) so unlikely. Sorry.

  6. I’m sorry Hov. Regardless of our differences, it’s hard to lose a family member. You’re in my prayers…. 🙂

  7. Dom – a fellow resident of Essex. Good day to you sir.

  8. mylozmom

    Oh sweet pea, I’m sorry for your loss. If I wasn’t an ocean away I woulda met you for a beer! Take care

  9. I’m sorry to hear about your gran, J.

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