Blood (pronounced Bloooooood)

I’m off shortly to receive my thrice yearly puncture with a needle.  They’re going to take a good armful of the red stuff and in return I shall have the opportunity to read for about an hour with no interruptions and to drink their tea and eat their biscuits.

Today marks my 40th blood donation.  If I were a Jehovah’s Witness I’d have accumulated five lots of damnation for my good deeds (although it isn’t a pint really, I’m just saying it is) and would really expect some extra torment for my troubles.  Summer 2011 should mark my 50th contribution and I look forward to receiving my GOLD badge.  It’s like being a cub scout all over again.

I must say that it is not only through great determination and skill that I will have reached the dizzy heights of 40 donations.  It is also through great physical age.  No, don’t mock.  A younger man could never match my achievement…OK technically someone of 32 or higher could but anyone under 30 could never hope to match my achievement.  Not without dishonesty.

If you have an hour to spare and seek to emulate my greatness or even if you just have an hour to spare then please go and give blood.  It’s worth doing.



Upon stumbling about t’Internet I found this which is very worthy and a little funny.  Also totally unrelated to Bela Lugosi.


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24 responses to “Blood (pronounced Bloooooood)

  1. Dom

    My blood isn’t good enough for them (and I’m scared of needles).

  2. I’m going to give blood now that I am no longer afraid of needles. I suppose that is a positive of all this cancer nonsense!

  3. Dom, oh dear, tainted are you? Tsk!

    Soupy, yay. That’s the spirit, something positive. Yay again.

  4. I can’t give blood because of the painkillers and antibiotics I take for my knee, otherwise I would without hesitation.

  5. That’s amazing 🙂 Looking forward to your 100th giving of blood ;).

  6. Poor Perp, maybe when you’re all better?

    Adam, me to but that’ll be in 20 years time if I don’t miss a session. I cna wait.

  7. I tried to give blood once: I read did. But I fainted. I knew I would, but I tried anyway. I [almost] faint even when they’re taking the little 4mls sample for tests. I just can’t do it. I’m squeamish.

  8. Oh dear, is it the blood or the needle that sends you all a quiver?

  9. purplephreak

    Good for you! I’m only 6 or 7 donations in, and have to keep taking a year out every time I get another piercing or tattoo :s I think that anyone that expects blood to be there if they need it who has no medical problems and can deal with needles should give blood; the way I see it I’m just depositing it for possible withdrawal at a later date. And soon everyone will be automatically opted in as organ donors too, which is a genius idea since I think most people would be happy to be on the list as long as they don’t have to put in any effort.

  10. Both. I feel EVERYTHING: the needle going (unsurprisingly), the needle in my arm, and worst of all, the blood going out. It’s a horrible sensation.

  11. Hopefully yes HF – one day!

  12. Tender, I was chatting to one of the phlebotomists while I was drinking my tea. He told me about certain individuals who are (how shall I put this) excited at the idea of giving blood. I mean for all the reasons that you give. the pain, the draining feeling, the presence of the needle in the arm, the feeling of lightheadedness afterwards, everything. It gets them going.

    Some people eh? For me I barely notice these things. Then again I’m not that sick a puppy. No really, I’m not.

  13. Oink

    Oh no – too painful! I think this is really an argument for medical (dentists especially) professionals really taking the time to become good at using needles on people. I didn’t start off being scared of needles, but some people just don’t know how to do it without causing far too much pain.

    Good for you, though! I won’t rule out ever doing it, but for now I’m too scared of needles.

  14. HF, seriously?! Aw man! Well there’s a fine line between pleasure and pain (normalcy and insanity etc.)! I’m glad I didn’t really that when I was eating, mind you!

  15. Mrs Piggermann, the phlebotomist complimented me on the excellent pattern of needle scars on my arms. Apparently a lot of people have trouble getting the needle in and scar tissue is too tough to puncture easily. Who would have thought sticking a needle in could be so complicated?

    Tender, unfortunately yes, some people are just plain weird.

  16. Going off subject where the blood is concerned, but staying on topic with needles…. I really wish I had a needle here right now. I have a BIG OLD ZIT on my CHIN and it’s at that big hard lump with no head stage where it just HURTS and PULSATES and it feels like all the blood in my body is rushing to my chin 😦 And Ijust want to get a needle and stick it in it to relieve the pressure. I won’t of course. That would be stupid. I just WANT TO!

  17. Also slightly off subject here, but I have just had a scalpel dug into my leg to dig a stitch out, that hurt quite a bit and I donated a little blood to the paper covering the chair.

  18. Perps – how very admirable of you. Hope you are ok!

  19. Soupy, stab it, STAB IT. In the absence of a needle you could use a paperclip that you’ve untwisted or I have a scalpel on my desk that you could borrow.

    Perps, how brave of you. If it goes bad you can get a wooden pirate leg to go with Soupy’s hand hook. Yarr!

  20. Thank you both, the nurse stemmed the flow of blood. Precisely what happened to the second stitch we don’t know, it certainly wasn’t there when she went to take it out!

  21. I’m fine with needles, I’m ok giving blood…… but about 30 minutes afterwards, my system has a delayed reaction where my brain suddenly says:
    “Hang On. Something’s happened…… We’re losing blood!! We must be leaking somewhere!!! Lie down!! lie down!! …… You don’t want to lie down, eh? Well, I’m not asking anymore, body – I’m telling! I’m going to make you faint if you don’t bloody lie down!!!”

    Its weird.

  22. Spaniel, you should probably lie down then. Even roughty toughty men like me are required to rest after a good bloodletting.

    The very first time I gave blood I walked into the student union main concert hall and someone coming out slid down in a big heap of a faint. Fortunately I was heroic enough to not be put off by such dramatics. That’s just the kindaguyIare.

  23. Fortunately I was heroic enough to not be put off by such dramatics.

    Show off! 😉

  24. Show off! 😉

    Hello! I’m a blogger, of course I’m a show off.

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