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Blood (pronounced Bloooooood)

I’m off shortly to receive my thrice yearly puncture with a needle.  They’re going to take a good armful of the red stuff and in return I shall have the opportunity to read for about an hour with no interruptions and to drink their tea and eat their biscuits.

Today marks my 40th blood donation.  If I were a Jehovah’s Witness I’d have accumulated five lots of damnation for my good deeds (although it isn’t a pint really, I’m just saying it is) and would really expect some extra torment for my troubles.  Summer 2011 should mark my 50th contribution and I look forward to receiving my GOLD badge.  It’s like being a cub scout all over again.

I must say that it is not only through great determination and skill that I will have reached the dizzy heights of 40 donations.  It is also through great physical age.  No, don’t mock.  A younger man could never match my achievement…OK technically someone of 32 or higher could but anyone under 30 could never hope to match my achievement.  Not without dishonesty.

If you have an hour to spare and seek to emulate my greatness or even if you just have an hour to spare then please go and give blood.  It’s worth doing.



Upon stumbling about t’Internet I found this which is very worthy and a little funny.  Also totally unrelated to Bela Lugosi.


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Pet blog

My much neglected pet blog is still going.  You know, just in case my inane witterings aren’t enough for you.

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