Who Watches The Watchmen

I am very excited about this.  A film about comic book…yes another one.


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5 responses to “Who Watches The Watchmen

  1. Mas

    I hope they do it justice. I know it is one that has been talked about for the past 10 years or so. We’ll see what happens. Looking forward to it though.

  2. ??? … I think I’d better get out more .. I have no clue as to what this is! 😳

  3. Mas, there are so many stories bound up in the original Watchmen that I think they will have to cut a lot out. I’m hoping that the film keeps to the spirit of the original though.

    CAT, you’re not a proper nerd till you’ve read The Watchmen…..and The Dark Knight Returns…..Oh yes.

  4. OooOOooh. I’m going to have to fetch the boxes of comics from under the bed & read it again ready for 2009. It could be a brilliant film.

  5. snarlz


    wots with the big smiley face?

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