My Gran was born on 15th October 1911 in the East End of London.  She had twelve children, six girls and six boys, all survived to adulthood.  She outlived her husband by twenty years.  She had red hair and the fiery temper that is associated with redheads and Londoners.  Her laugh was infectious as was her wit.  My dad was always scared of her despite being a good foot taller and twice her weight.  I think that she ruled my uncles and aunts like the matriarch that she was, sometimes with terror but often with the quiet confidence of a queen who knew that she would be obeyed.

To her grand children and great grandchildren (and even a few great-great grandchildren) she was a little old lady who always had a little mischief in her eyes.  I thought that she’d live forever or at least till her hundredth birthday.  Sadly this was not to be.

She died today after a short illness.  I can pretty much guarantee that her funeral will be the last time I see most of my extended family.


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17 responses to “Gran

  1. I’m sorry, seems like she was quite the Gran 😦

  2. What a wonderful lady she sounds. My condolences.

  3. I am sorry for your loss. It sounds that the loss may extend to more than just Gran.

    Your family is in our prayers.


  4. What a goldmine of a character!

  5. Sorry for your loss Hover…

  6. I’m sorry to hear your sad news MrFrog. Sending you lots of love from me and my babies.

  7. Stop! Please stop.

    I thank you all for your messages of condolence but she was an old woman and she had a good run. It shouldn’t be a sad time when someone dies. You get a perfect excuse to look back and remember all the good things and stupid, funny, pointless things that they did in life.

    As Brennig put it, she was a goldmine. I plan to laugh uproarously at her wake when my uncles and aunts tell me stories about her.

  8. snarly

    this is really confusing
    1. we hav a great gran noe
    2.woz she da 1 we were gonna visit when she turned 100?

    no-one tells me enything 😦

  9. Two things Snarly. You shouldn’t be on t’Internet when you’re at school and yes, she was and we were going to tell you after school. This really isn’t how I wanted you to find out.

  10. snarlz

    yeah, i was tryin to find out who shaz’s long lost blood father was and i sort of …….. wandered away. it was at break anyway.:P

  11. Yeah, that’s always my excuse too.

  12. floatykatja

    Hurrah for feisty Grans. They’re the best. Lots of love to all the Frog family. x

  13. tam

    Snarly found out at school??? Oh my goodness!

    Way to go Gran! You lived a great one!!!

    Much love to you Hov and your family…and I mean that sincerely friend!

  14. Did she wear Purple? Sounds like the sort of woman that would.

  15. I’m glad it was a short illness. There’s nothing worse than knowing you’re dying and its long and horrible.
    96, eh. That’s pretty good going. Families are pretty weird things. I’m convinced that when my last remaining grandparent dies (Grandad A), there will be absolutely no excuse to ever see my father’s brother’s family ever again.
    It tells you quite a lot, I’ve just noticed, in the way I chose to describe this relative of mine. Hmm…

  16. Hiya Snarly and the gang ! Its Loz From School !

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