The Great and Magnificent Predictions of Dominic Destiny

I have been reading Greta Christina’s blog over the last few days and I’ve been particularly amused by the Are you Smarter than a Celebrity Psychic? entry.  Have a read it’s a really good blog.  I can highly recommend the entry on Atheists and Anger.

However if you are too lazy or too busy because you are at work then just run with the meme and make some predictions.

The rules: Make five predictions about world events in 2008: political events, natural disasters, celebrity gossip, etc. Post them in the comments here, no later than January 15, 2008. Predictions should be things that reasonably might or might not happen; totally obvious predictions such as “The sun will continue to rise in the East” and “Saturn will not crash into Jupiter” will not be accepted. However, credit will be given for partially correct answers, since the celebrity psychics do that when they score themselves. Credit will also be given if events can be interpreted to fit the prediction — ditto.

Here are my five predictions:

  1. Well known celebrity couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (Bradgelina) will announce a split and will go their separate ways.
  2. Hillary Clinton will be the first female president of the United States of America.  I’m only saying this because the democrats will probably win and I’m certain that Americans will vote for a woman before they will vote for a black man.
  3. England will experience freak weather conditions on an unprecedented scale.  I include heat waves, snow storms and\or tornadoes.  None of these will stop me from getting to work though…unfortunately.
  4. There will be a large food scare in England akin to the salmonella, BSE, or bird flu farces of recent years.  I don’t know, maybe it’ll be the turn of vegetables to receive some bad press.
  5. The west will go to war against a major nation in the middle east… again.

Now, what are your predictions?


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20 responses to “The Great and Magnificent Predictions of Dominic Destiny

  1. 1. Brittany Spears will over dose and leave this planet, but it will be foul play.
    2. Huckaby will be the new president of the US, as we are all scared of Osama, Obama, and Chelsea Clintons mama.
    3. Huge catastrophe not natural causes in the US
    4. The world will see larger strikes and more organized terror attacks. (is that an oymoron? Isn’t all attacks terrorizing?)
    5. US will not seal its Mexican border…and no one knows why

    Thanks that was fun..wonder if I will get any right…I am hoping for anyone other than Hillary to be president, you know she ended one of her campaign speeches with “you go girl”…all I could say was wha wha what!?

  2. Dom

    1) A quantity of major banks will announce they’ve lost more than they thought in the sub prime markets to the tune of a few more tens of billions of pounds
    2) This will lead to a min recession in the UK
    3) It will snow in London. The city will grind to a halt as a result of this
    4) Blue Soup will be unable to not text/email FM
    5) The earth will be hit by a massive meteorite (that we’re overdue for) in/or near the super volcano in Yellowstone causing it to erupt (which its overdue for) causing massive earthquakes causing bits of Africa to slew into the sea sending tsunami’s across the Atlantic devastating coastlines. The pummeling taken by the planet will cause the earths magnetic field to flip (which we’re overdue for)

  3. Frog, I think yours are entirely possible. Hmmm. I will need to think about my psychic predictions… By the way, I don’t care (understand) the American Presidency thingy, so won’t be commenting on that at all!!

  4. Eh, I’m thinking Obama has a good shot. I know I would rather vote a black man over a greedy, bitchy woman.

    And I think other fellow Americans would agree.

  5. OK I’d like people to bare in mind that I know absolutely nothing about American politics except that for some reason blue are more left wing than red and it’s the other way round in Blighty. Maybe I should have said “A minority will be the next US president” as it would cover everyone in some way.

  6. I’ve had a think, and have gone for the slimmed-down version (just 3):

    1. Sharon Osbourne is found to have a serious illness which she feels the world needs to know about via all the women’s magasines possible. Cue headlines such as ‘Shazz’s Haunting Pain’ on the front covers of all those hideous glossy mags that I loathe and detest with a passion.

    2. Jeremy Clarkson has an accident that puts him in hospital and impairs his ability to broadcast on TV. I’m expecting it will be something terribly un-macho like he falls whilst hanging a curtain pelmet in the master bedroom of his Oxfordshire home and dislocates his shoulder or hip. He’s incredibly embarrassed as it didn’t involve a motor vehicle at all, and he can’t take the latest Supercar round the track on Doctors’ orders for a while.

    3. Tony Blair is found doing some exceptionally well-paid job, which is blatantly money-for-old-rope, and an excuse to get out to all the best parties but he is forced to make out its really really important to world peace or the economy or the environment (or all of the above).

    Spaniel xx

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  8. I would just like to add that I wasn’t trying to be rude in any way, just commenting. Hope it didn’t come off rudely! 🙂

  9. tam

    1- Desperate people who just need to get to work will start robbing gas from gas stations. Lord knows we can’t afford it!

    2- Britney Spears will write a book. selling 3 copies!

    3- I echo the Pitt/Jolie split…and I really won’t care.

    4- Hillary will become President….and Donkeys will fly the same day 😯

    5- I am right 😀

  10. Kenzie, really you weren’t at all rude. You did make me think for moment though because I was making up predicting something that I know nothing about. I didn’t want it to seem that I was supporting one crazed American over another. Crazed because they are in politics and you’ve got to be a few spoons short of a cutlery set to be a politician.

    Tam, I wouldn’t put anything past donkeys. They can already talk and I’ve never encountered a creature as determined…except perhaps a four year old human in a sweet shop.

  11. Dom

    A four year old has NOTHING on me in a sweet shop 🙂

  12. ooh fun, predictions

    1. Obama will be nominated as the Democratic candidate and will win the election. He’s not black enough to scare too many voters.

    2. If Huckabee becomes president I will move to Iran (because honestly what’s the difference?).

    3. Jon Edward (the psychic) will be shown to be a fraud, and his believers won’t care because he brings them comfort.

    4. There will be a major natural disaster in the state of Washington, USA probably involving a volcano.

    5. (someone already took this but I still really believe it) One or more major U.S. bank (like WAMU) will reveal that the hit to the subprime mortgage lending market hit them harder than they are letting on. This will likely prompt a FreddieMac/FannieMay bailout to those holding loans.

    — Bonus prediction, no extra charge

    6. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown will get into it over some British issue that I don’t understand, which will cause the Labour party to lose the Prime Minister’s seat and give it to the Conservative party. Somehow Margaret Thatcher gets involved. (please note that I know less about the British government than hover knows about U.S. government, I simply took the 5 words/people I recognize and put them into a coherent sentence, which sadly is better than many psychics can do).

  13. Skep, point 5 is the only one I know anything about and you are certainly onto something. Of course the lenders in England all get involved and doom and gloom awaits. This gives the Chinese an opportunity to take over. By 2100 we’ll all be spending renminbi with pictures of Chairman Mao on.

    I must say that you know about as much about British politics as I do about American politics. Thatcher regularly gets wheeled out to endorse the Tory favourite.

  14. Dom

    My 2nd prediction is coming true and we’re already gearing up for prediction 1. Number 4 has come true too 🙂 So I’m 3/5. Let’s hope number 5 doesn’t come true, although no one will be here to congratulate me on my 5/5 if it does 😀

  15. Dom

    More evidence for my first prediction 🙂

  16. Dom

    MY 4th prediction has now come true 😀

  17. Ashia

    My predictions.

    Obama shall be elected president. And will have a long life. The economical situation in the states and Europe will surprisingly improve; we shall have 4 yrs of peace.
    Big scandal about Sara.

  18. I hope so Ashia but predicting the day before the election when your choice has a 7 point lead is cheating just a little.

    The rest of your predictions are cool.

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  20. How did I miss Dom’s predictions for 2008!?! So cheeky!

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