There has been something bothering me for the last few days.  Something that I’ve been having trouble defining.  I’ve just worked it out.

My shoes are laced differently.

You know when you lace your shoes you have a number of options.  I generally lace under the eye and then out and under the next eye to create a crosswork of laces.  Some people lace over and over or over and under.  It doesn’t really matter as long as both shoes are the same. 

I tend to buy identical shoes because one invariably wears out faster than the other, usually the left shoe, and I don’t want to throw two shoes away when one of them is perfectly serviceable.  Yes, I do have several right shoes, why do you ask? 

Anyway I replaced my left shoe on Boxing Day and didn’t notice the shoe lace disparity until just now.  The whole indefinable quality of there being something wrong had actually put me in an awful grump.  Rest assured though that now I have located the problem I can easily rectify it.

If that wasn’t exciting enough for you then you can read more about shoelaces here.


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5 responses to “Lace

  1. Dom

    I have velcro shoes – makes life so much easier 😀

  2. I am rather particular about my shoe laces too Mr Frog.

  3. Dom, don’t give up on laces. Once you master tying them you’ll never look back.

    Soupy, thank goodness I’m not the only fruit cake about. I mean, being particular is a wonderful trait that doesn’t get nearly as much credit as it deserves. Quite!

  4. Dom

    I have laceup shoes too – and I can do them up 😛 I tend to relace them the instant I get them so I don’t have uneven lacing issues.

  5. Dom, that sounds sensible. I just wish I’d had your foresight.

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