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Christmas Eve Humbug

It’s Christmas Eve and I am at work…at least for another hour.  On my way in to work I was enjoying the silence and calm that only occurs when I am out and about before my fellow man is even awake.  No school kids to annoy me with their incessant shrieking, no oldsters hobbling along and getting in the way, no chubbies blocking my path.  It was lovely.

Unfortunately it appears that all these people had decided to go shopping for some reason.  As I passed through the town centre I noticed hoards of rampaging shoppers frantically buying goods and food items.  Clearly they are aware of some impending crisis and are stocking up on necessities.

At work I have been asked a dozen times if I have brought everything that I need.  I’m sure I can manage for one day while the shops are shut.  It’s not as if I’m going to starve or anything.  My answer has been: “If we haven’t got it by now then we obviously don’t need it”.

I’m going to brave the streets again in an hour and I may be forced to stop in a public house to seek alcoholic refreshment.  I may skip this though and just get away from the crowds.

What is it about Christmas that turns ordinary human beings into greedy, obnoxious lunatics?

Is it fair to add Christmas shoppers to my human cull?


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