Urgh….I’ve got to go to work tomorrow.

For three hours.

It takes me an hour to get there and an hour to get home assuming that the trains run on time. Ha.

If I just lie in bed all morning do you think that people would notice?


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5 responses to “Work

  1. Dom

    Trains! Over the Christmas weekend!? Bwahahahahahaha, ahahahahahahaha, hahahahahahahaha, ahahahahahahaha, hahahahahahahaha, hahaha, hahaha, haha, ha, no! They’re buggered. Everywhere! Good luck.

    I’m ‘working’ from home 😀

  2. I’m also ‘working from home’, although it does sadly seem like I am working rather than pretending to.

  3. We should get you one of those life size pics of yourself and stand it at your desk when you are not there…mmmm it might work.

  4. Oh, grr. Hope it wasn’t too irritating!

  5. i say stay at home go in next week.
    and if people asked where you were than say shut up im you r boss now go make tea for me

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