Today is my Friday

I’m taking the rest of the week off.  Tomorrow is the first day of my holiday and, apart from three hours on Christmas Eve, I’m not working again till the 28th December.

I shall hopefully have a Death List shortly after this date.  I’d really like to see yours.  fnnar fnaar!


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9 responses to “Today is my Friday

  1. Hope you have a lovely Christmas. Thank you for my card! wooo.

    Death List must include Amy Winohouse

  2. But she’s got such a great voice. Have a good one.

  3. I’m confused, are you celebrating Halloween or Christmas….. 😉

  4. Happy Christmas! Oh, and you’ve won a contest. Congratulations! (Details over at my blog.)

  5. Deb, the Death List is a New Year tradition. Have you seen Dead Pool, the Clint Eastwood movie from the 80s? I think that’s where the idea originated.

    Heather, wow. I never win anything. I’m so proud. I’d like to thank the producers, my family, and of course the fans who made all this possible.

  6. As of yesterday, I’ve been off too. Love it!

  7. Frog, just looking over your 2007 predictions – you we way wide of the mark this year. I think they’re all still breathing, aren’t they?? Prince Philip is about 150 years old, and he still looks like he could go on and on.

    I reckon Baroness m’lady Maggie Thatcher could be high on the list for 2008, though. A cold enough winter and she’ll peg.

  8. Span, I’m rubbish at the Death List. I had Princess Di on it for years and then missed her out the year she actully popped. Thatcher’s been there on and off for a long time. 2008 is her year.

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