Story time

I love ghost stories at Christmas.

The Winter Soltice, Alban Arthuan, or better known as Yuletime Season is a time of death and rebirth of Nature. It is said the Old Sun dies at dusk of December 21st. and when the Sun of the New Year is born at the dawn of December 22. The New Sun is thought to rejuvenate the aura of the Earth. It is like a mystical cleansing to the spirits and the souls of the dead.

A Yuletide story called the Sluagh-Sídehe of Brug na Bóinne. It translates as people of the mound or barrow where the dead have been buried.  The sídehe in the Celtic mythology and traditions are equivalent to our ghosts and goblins.  That they are the gateway for the souls and spirits of the dead and for living mortals to pass back and forth to each world.  On the other side the sídehe is the Tír na nÓg, the Land of the Youth, the Isle of the Blessed. 

Tales of ghosts, goblins and the fey folk have always interested me.  They are stories from our superstitious past where we believed that the spirits of the otherworld needed to be placated.  I love how a well made story can evoke those dark times and get the blood pumping as we imagine all sorts of unnamed things in the darkness.

I’d like to challenge my fellow bloggers to tell me a story.  A Christmas Ghost Story to frighten and entertain in the tradition of yesteryear. 

Please post your story on your own blog and comment back here so I can go and read it.  Then challenge others to do the same.  Don’t be shy, you know how talented you are.

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