Daily Archives: 13 December 2007

Smarty Pants

I got my OU results back last night.  I passed MT262: Putting computer systems to work with a reasonable grade.  Of course I’m so clever that the result was hardly in doubt.  *Ahem*  What to do next though?  Urgh, too many courses to choose from and a mistake at this stage could be disastrous.  Disastrous, I tell you!

I’m thinking of doing Ebusiness technologies: foundations and practice which starts in May and will give me time to rest my weary brain.  Alternatively I could do The information and communication technologies project but I’d better hurry up and register.

Can someone please choose for me.

In related news The Hildy passed her course and now has enough points for a degree in Social Policy Something or Other.  She’s very clever and gets to put BA (Hons) (Open) after her name…once she gets the official letter anyway.

Yay The Hildy.  Yay!


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