Daily Archives: 11 December 2007

Happy Burpday to me

Blinking postal service.  All your envelopes stuffed with money failed to arrive in time.

I did get the Firefly Companion to go with the first one though.


Yay!  Plus booze, books and horror movies.  I just need some smooches and my day will be complete.

No time to celebrate as I’m off to work in mo.  Then to church to hear Cake Worm and Tiny Tash sing like small angel people with no wings.  Assuming that the anti-atheist barrier has been taken down.

In other news I wrote Season One of Carnivale to DVD last night and the entire series of Space: Above and Beyond which nearly makes my geek collection complete.  Babylon 5 is being downloaded now and then I’m in need of geek direction.  Help me out.


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