Screw it

I’m chucking out some old PCs.  As per standard security procedure 2.1.1.a/wkward I have to remove the hard drive and arrange to have it destroyed.  i.e. put it in a box until it’s forgotten about and then put it in the bin.

Some stealing stealer has only gone and stolen all the screwdrivers….and it wasn’t me!  I suspect that the guilty party is using the stolen screwdriver to commit terrible crimes against humanity.  Crimes such as vandalism or car theft.  Maybe even (dun dun dah) murder.

Can I borrow a Phillips screwdriver please?


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6 responses to “Screw it

  1. Mas

    In our offices it is the teaspoons that go walkabout. I suspect there is no deliberate thievery for reasons of malicious intent; but rather there are a bunch of screwdrivers wandering the building trying to enter into adulthood with a profound perspective on life that only comes from following the songlines of the ancestors.

  2. Dom

    I have a screwdriver set in my drawer where others can’t get to it. People who touch my stuff don’t live to tell the tale. Fear and lockable drawers are the way forward. In the mean time you may borrow mine provided I get them back straight away.

  3. Teaspoons like socks disappear and reappear at random. It is simply the way of things.

    We used to have a cutlery hog who kept all the teaspoons in captivity in their desk drawer. When we found out who it was there was a pyre and a ritual burning of the offending thief. Then we bought a big box of teaspoons from Wilko.

  4. Ta Dom, the drawer locks are broken here and we need a screwdriver to fix them. It’s a vicious circle of neglect.

  5. I asked Phillip, he said someone nicked his screwdriver so you can’t have it. I’ve got a torque wrench and a used cable tie (as a result of a horrible confusion at last year’s Christmas black tie do). Will that help?

  6. At our house…it is keys, especially my husbands keys. Someone has it in for his keys.

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