The Best Scrooge

Of all the actors to portray the character of Ebenezer Scrooge who did the best job in your opinion?

While I think that Patrick Stewart did a fine job I think he was pipped to the post slightly by Michael Caine (Muppet Christmas Carol).  IMDB tells me that there are 27 films of “A Christmas Carol” and 8 of “Scrooge” and we can’t forget Bill Murray in “Scrooged” so there must be dozens of other films based on the same short story.

So, who was the best?


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9 responses to “The Best Scrooge

  1. snarlz

    i dunno wot eny of da actors names r
    but i still like da muppets 😛

  2. Michael “Not a lot of people know that” Caine aka Sir Maurice Joseph Micklewhite, Jr., CBE

    Although the “Not a lot of people know that” quote was actually Peter Sellars doing an impression of Caine during an interview. He did write a book entitled “Not a lot of people know that” which was full of trivia questions and would make an ideal present at Christmas for someone………

  3. Mas

    oh – I’d love that Christmas Present! good idea! 🙂

  4. Michael Caine, hands down. We watch the Muppet Christmas Carol every year. It’s much better on DVD since they got rid of the horrid song that was included in the VHS version.

  5. Dom

    I quite liked the Blackadder one.

  6. In first position (which is nothing naughty at all although it could sound that way after lots of vodka):

    Michael Caine.

    A close second would be Rowan Atkinson with Bill Murray receiving an honourable mention. Most of the others were more hammy than hammy the pork-fed hamster.

  7. Micheal Caine, followed by Scrooge McDuck.

    You’ve got a lot about Scrooge here. Have you seen this quiz yet? It’s a test of inner Scrooge-ishness.

  8. Here’s a good Scrooge….even has a bit of the bunny hop for ya…

  9. Stephen Innocenzi

    I am a professional actor, and I think that most actors would agree that the standard to which all other Scrooges must be measured is that of Alistair Sim’s performance in the 1951 adaptation of “A Christmas Carol” released as “Scrooge”. Everytime I watch this version, I learn something new about acting, or appreciate some new nuance of Sim’s performance. Also, the cast in this version is magnificent, with the likes of Kathleen Harrison and Mervyn Johns. The only flaw that I think would be obvious in this version is that Tiny Tim is huge, a very good actor, but not the liitle tyke one would expect as descibed in the dialogue. Anyway, there are some beautiful Scrooges on film, Murray, Finney, Stewart, even Mr. Magoo, but Alistair Sim has left an indelibke print on the hearts of several generations of film-lovers.

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