I must buy a bottle of brandy otherwise Santa won’t have anything to drink on the 24th.  I’m sure that you’ll agree that he needs an extra big glass this year.


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12 responses to “Brandy

  1. oh yes. one of those giant glasses

  2. Absolutely!!!
    A super Jumbo glass…

  3. snarlz

    and cookies
    cookies r good

  4. Cookies are always good but better in the making than the eating I feel.

  5. Mas

    No – cookies are always better in the eating

  6. A large brandy indeed.

    And a second one to wish him on his way 🙂

  7. Mas, I like making them more. Not that I won’t “test” them during the making of course.

    Perp, good plan. Then a chaser for luck?

  8. I’d say a couple of chasers for luck really, after all it is cold out there.

  9. Sod the glass, neck the bottle x

  10. You chaps must really like Santa.

  11. I prefer brandy if I’m honest.

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