It’s a simple question

Here at “someone else’s lilypad” it’s all about cost.  This costs X but we only get Y back.  That’s fine, it’s a business and we’ve got to make money.  Why then is it so difficult to get a straight answer about how much something costs from the people who buy things?

Witness this exchange.

Captain Spendy: We’re spending a darn fortune on ink cartridges.  It needs to stop dammit.

Big Boss: Yes, I agree.  Mr hoverFrog, what are the alternatives?

Me: How much do we spend?  How much do we use?  There are several options but it all boils down to the capital outlay and the cost per print.  You want a decent return on the investment.

*stunned silence*

Captain Spendy:  I dunno. 

Me:  Let me know when you do.


Captain Spendy:  I’ve found a colour laser printer I like.  Here are the specs.  *makes some laser zappy sounds as I take the page from him*

Me: OK.  *glances at printout from Rip Off PC Company That We Don’t Use Anymore*  Um this works out at 59p per page of colour printing.  How does that compare with what you spend now?

Captain Spendy:  I dunno. 

Me:  Let me know when you do.

I can see this going on all day.  I may have to kill someone soon.


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4 responses to “It’s a simple question

  1. Mas

    …. and thus proving Darwin’s “natural selection” theory in the workplace

  2. Mas

    oh…. and in all seriousness; a lot of printers provide statistics of how many printouts have come from them – between yourself and them, you should be able to determine how much paper has been used for how many ink cartridges have been discarded; of course, I’m assuming you’ve not got a policy of sending spent cartridges for recycling and buying in re-filled cartridges at a reduced cost….

    alternatively, I would put a policy in place whereby all printing it metered; the departments who generate the most printouts will pay the bulk of maintenance – paper, ink, repairs. It’ll come straight from their budgets, so no-one need complain; when they realize they have to fire two or three people to support their printing habits, maybe they’ll re-evaluate the printing culture and ask “do I really need to be printing this?”

    Catch you later

  3. I like your approach a lot Mr Frog. you bamboozled them I think.

  4. Mas

    (and as a third (I know – I did a typo – it instead of is – but that’s not what this is about) suggestion…)

    You could halve the printing paper budget. With no paper to print on, the costs spent on ink cartridges will be reduced – by around 50% – that’ll please Captain Spendy who’ll be able to afford the brand-spanking new printer with the money saved 🙂

    (although why Captain Spendy simply didn’t say “I want to buy a new laser printer” I don’t know; unless the Captain is that stupid? Expect a similar meeting in 3 months time “we’re spending too much on printer toner for the laser printer…” – “I think you have to stop people sending us things you want to print; as such I will start decomisioning the email server and cutting our connections to the internet”

    have a good weekend

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