I have a theory…

…it could be bunnies.

I explained to The Hildy my theory last night.  Whenever I explain one of my carefully thought out but slightly odd theories to The Hildy she gives me that look.  You know the one?  The “I love you but you’d better not have passed on your crazy genes to the kids” look.

At least she didn’t back away in terror like she did when I explained the idea about the people who live behind the mirror and pretend to be our reflections.  She’s obviously getting used to me.

Anyway, my theory.

The working week is too short for me to get all the work done that I need to do.  The weekend is too short for me to properly relax.  This makes Mondays particularly harrowing as I’m still in “weekend mode” while I have work to do.  Obviously I’d like to work less and relax more but needs must and all that so I cannot reduce the number of days overall that I work.  A solution came to me though. 

Rather than work 5 days in every 7 why not work 7 days in every 10.  The ratio works out almost the same.  Instead of working 260 days less holiday I’d work 256 days less holiday in a year.  The advantage is that I’d have enough time to do my work and get more time off at the weekend.

The problem I can see though is what to name the other three days.  Suggestions please.


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8 responses to “I have a theory…

  1. Dom

    Monday – start of the working week, still evil
    Humpday – middle of the working week
    Domday – a religious holiday in many of the more civilised cultures
    Beerday – a special drinking and going out day

  2. Nonononono I couldn’t work 7 days with out a day off!

  3. Domsday sounds a little like Doomsday. I wouldn’t want to mix them up and cause the end of the world. Besides which…isn’t the day between Wednesday and Thursday the legendary Blerkinsday? I’m with you on Beerday though.

    Pinkyface, but three days off. That’s better. Three days every week.

    Plus you’d get paid every three weeks instead of every four so you’d have more money. An Oyster card would last longer, You could get rat arsed on Friday and Saturday and recover for Monday morning. The benefits to the economy would also be substantial. People are usually ill for only 5 days in a row so you’d get people working during the week that they were ill rather than skiving off.

    My plan is one of pure genius. I’ll win the Nobel Prize for this. I’m sure of it.

  4. tam



  5. Mas

    The main problem you have is that it will throw years out of sync; the current system of 52 weeks works perfectly well; by extending the week you end up with ending the year on a half-week which isn’t as neat and tidy as you’d like. Besides, it would bugger up the months, the astrological calendar and when I need to pick my suit up from the dry cleaners.

    However, as an idea, it isn’t a bad one. I would rather abolish the idea of the weekend and keep the existing week structure; and I would migrate people to the working period over the course of the week; meaning that some people’s “weekending 3 days” would fall as other people’s “start week” days came into being, allowing the country to be run constantly. It would mean we would never have the problem that certain shops are only open 9-5 when we’re stuck at work, as sometime during that 9-5 period we’ll be on our week-end. To go out with mates whose weekend was different to yours, you’d have to arrange time off; or possibly see if you’d encounter people who under the current 5/2 system you’d never usually meet. Thus, I think solving the problem of diminishing social interactions and society going to hell.

    Catch you later

  6. You’d have to rejig school calendars, which would confuse the teachers, other than that can I bagsy a seat at the Nobel Prize ceremony? *

    * Subject to me getting the date correct under the new system of course!

  7. snarlz

    cakeday – a day devoted to cake
    pirateday – like national talk like a pirate day
    dayday – i ran out of ideas


  8. Ok, actually this is genius. It could also be stunningly profitable for me due to the fact I am one of only about three people in the UK that specialise in writing time and attendance programs and would be fully occupied (in the ten working days) by rewriting all of my products to cope with the new way of doing things. More cash AND longer weekends – RESULT!

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