Simple Faith

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OK the question was “What is simply faith?”

Here is my response:

Simple faith is like that of a child before it is corrupted by vicious fact and the realities of a harsh world. How anyone hangs on to it as they go through life escapes me.

I’d imagine that such faith would be shed along with belief in the Tooth Fairy and Father Christmas. Seeing that it isn’t has made me consider that it might have more to it. Perhaps it’s because we ask for miracles from the Tooth Fairy (who changes old teeth for money) and Santa (who magically brings gifts on Christmas Eve) as children but learn that our parents actually perform these ‘miracles’. Whereas faith in the divine is less refutable given the vagaries of the miracles requested.

Who to tag?

Well most people I know don’t give a monkey’s about religion so just go ahead and tag yourself.


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8 responses to “Simple Faith

  1. Oh, I wouldn’t even know where to start with this one! I’ve battled with religion for years and I still don’t understand it!

  2. Hooli, pop over to Bill’s site if you’re interested in the debate.

    When you say “battled with religion” is that like a Ragnarok thing?

  3. Wow Hov…I don’t give a monkey’s about religion either….YAY!!!!! I guess I’ll refrain from answering…but like I said a million times, it’s relationship.

  4. What’s a ‘Ragnarok’ thing?

  5. Ragnarok: A big battle betweeen the Gods and the Giants at the end of the world.

    You said you were battling with religion…

  6. Mas

    Faith is anything but simple. As we grow, things we thought were magical are shown to be nothing more but the perpetuation of a myth that those who love us continue because it adds something to our childhood. Faith in the divine though, that is different. With the Tooth Fairy, Santa, Easter Bunny et al we have a point where we realize that it isn’t a magical being, but our parents. With god, events can either strengthen or weaken our belief.

    But faith is simply the belief in something which may be unprovable. You have faith that it is so. I have faith that I will get home and my cat will be upset because I didn’t have time to give him his “wet” cat food this morning before rushing out for the train. I have faith that there is many more things to this life than I will ever know. And I have faith that something brought us all into being; I don’t know if we are talking a single deity, evolution or Paul Daniels – but something happened, and now here we are and we should all just get along and be happy; and I have faith that “getting along and being happy” will happen, even though I accept that my faith is a bit… unlikely… I still believe and hope.
    or something like that

  7. Oh please ‘God’, let Paul Daniels not be behind it all! 😉

    (Interesting take there, by the way.)

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