Postman Pat

I’m trying to find out when the last delivery date for Christmas cards to the US of A is.

Don’t bother with Royal Mail because their stupid website seems to indicate that they don’t deliver post.  I’m not sure if the site is accurate or not.  You can’t get through on the phone either.  Maybe I should write to them.

Postman Pat has been added to my human cull.

And his bloody cat an’ all.


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9 responses to “Postman Pat

  1. Dom

    Hmmm – royal mail are not in my good books either at the moment. No wonder it’s called ‘going postal’ 😀

  2. Fabulous

    oh dear your right it they dont deliver to the usa. I am popping to the post office in a bit so i will ask. x

  3. why the fuck aren’t i logged in?!!?

  4. Mas

    it’s usually around the 8th of December from memory

    although… it’s been a while since I sent things…

  5. Dom, going postal. Sounds about right.

    Thanks F.A.B but someone at work grew sick of my anti post office rant and found out for me. We have wives of postmen in the office which goes to show that you actually need someone on the inside to find anything out from that ridiculous monolith.

    Pinky explosives? Good idea.

    Hi Mas, how have you been?

    Recommended last postal date for Christmas by International Surface Mail is 29 October. October! What’s that about? *sweary muttering*

    Airmail to the US is 10th December and it’s only tuppence more.

    UK post is 17 December for second class and 20 December for 1st class.

  6. I’m sure anyone in the US, even if it’s late would enjoy getting something from the famous Hov!!!! LOL

  7. Fabulous

    So when is it as my stupid post office seems to be run by very old stupid ladys who dont know there arse from there smile.

    Oh and check out this for stoccking fillers

  8. I had a run in with my local post office on Monday.

    They were upset that I had the temerity to want to send five parcels airmail around the world, and that it meant they had to do a fair bit of work for the £209 they then proceeded to fleece me for.

    When I pointed out that for the money I was paying, the least I expected was a smile and some courtesy, rather than a lecture on sending many smaller items to save time, I got a laugh from some people behind me in the queue whilst I suspect my parcels were then stamped on once I’d left by the grotty old woman who served me.

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