Who am I?

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers (and sisters) who live in the land of blog form ideas about our fellows.  Sweet Blue Soup suggested that Curious Cataclismical is…well why not read her own words:

I have only seen one photo of you and I just can’t imagine you cleaning. You are way too sparky for boring household things like that. You drink wine all day and have a dirty laugh. That is what I think anyway). xx

This made me wonder.  What do you actually imagine that your fellow bloggers are like?  At the surety of public ridicule I therefore invite those rarest of bloggers (anyone who reads this) to share with me their thoughts on how they imagine me.

I’ll try not to cry.


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17 responses to “Who am I?

  1. Tall, hairy, funny and just a little bit of a perv (in an ok way though, not an ‘ew old man’ way) 😉

  2. Tall and funny as Pinky said.
    A bit bossy.
    And I kind of agree with blue soup too.
    And yes, some one who snickers when passing by a church.

  3. Green and frog-like .. obviously!

  4. You are green with a blue and white t shirt and you fly.

    Oh, and you have a pet rat on your shoulder at all times. This rat wears a diamante collar.

  5. Shanice

    I imagine u as a computer geek, a guy who hates his own cat, a guy with an anoyin 4 kids, a guy who wears a ponytail, a guy who has a rabbit and 4 rats.
    Not that ive met u or anything….

  6. super_snarlz

    i agree with shaz
    tall, glasses, prickley, ponytail, scary
    that kind of thing

  7. ash

    i just read the ponytail bit, and gotta say…


    are you going to get a huge bright red motorbike or sports car when your mid-life crisis sets in?

  8. ash

    apologies for the overfamiliar snark in that remark.

    but still….ponytail…hahaahahha

  9. Jason

    I imagine you as small, green, and living on a lilly pad, surrounded by lots of tadpoles, with various amusing names, snarly, growly, etc.

    But then, I don’t have much of an imagination!


  10. HappyNat

    I picture you as a tall, beautiful blonde, with and hourglass figure. Wearing only a nightie you knock on my bedroom door and ask if I’m alone . . . Wait who are we talking about again?

  11. Chippy

    Short, plump and going bald?

  12. Tall, hairy, opinionated, willing to learn, green, caring Dad and mate…honory as all-get-out, thinks he knows it all, humbles out when he doesn’t, too smart to know better….world first successful human frog…..

  13. Mas

    I think you’re a bit like me, but with much more sex appeal

  14. Dom

    You’re a small yellow frog that sits on a lilly pad – you have a picture next to you every time you comment, so it’s a tiny bit of a giveaway 😀 . One assumes you can hover, although no proof has been provided.

  15. snarly

    yeah ur a very scary man/frog

  16. sioned

    I know you are – smart, hilariously funny, witty, sarcastic, sharp, sweet when no one is looking, surly when they are, you love your family more than anything, a proud parent and a great father. You are tall, with glasses and a casual style. You are my friend. :o)

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