Shadow – A drabble by hoverFrog

The shadow looked up at the man and felt pity.  “So solid, he’s barely able to change his shape at all.”

The shadow looked up at the man and felt jealousy.  “He can stand in the light and it doesn’t hurt  him.  I’m trapped in his wake.  I’m forced to leap about to where he blocks the light.”

The shadow looked up at the man and felt love.  “He protects me from the light.”

At night the shadow whispered to other shadows and told them of its discoveries.  The shadow of the Earth thought them such small and foolish creatures.


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6 responses to “Shadow – A drabble by hoverFrog

  1. Jason

    Hmm, does a shadow have a shadow?
    Where do Shadows meet?
    Is it possible for one shadow to be darker than another?

    Such deep and meaningful thoughts for a Tuesday morning! My head hurts!

  2. I don’t have a clue what this is, but i like it

  3. Ed

    Very interesting and though provoking. I must admit the first thing I thought of was an old radio show, “The Shadow”, “Only the Shadow knows!”.

    What is this light that shadows need protection from? It could represent logical thinking that purely emotional shadow beings can’t understand and fear. A religious person might think this Light is God.

    What is the relationship between Earth and man? Is Earth man’s protector? Man’s progenitor?

    I think of Earth as man’s father. Man is one of Earth’s experiments. If we don’t stay in the light we will become a failed experiment.

    What ever your drabble means to you Hoverfrog I it was very well thought out.

  4. wow, I love it, specially the “He protects me from the light.” part.
    It’s very thought provoking.

  5. That’s great. I am going stir crazy here at home. I might have to try and write my own drabble just to pass the time!

  6. “he protects me from the light” I do enjoy a drabble..But I want to dance in the light…why hide in the dark? Just my normal irrational brain doing its own drabble..have a good day Mr. Frog

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