Akismet has caught 2,202 spam for you since you first installed it.

I’ve only receive 1,570 comments.

Clearly the posts I leave encourage spam more than they do actual people.



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11 responses to “Spam

  1. HA! I know what you mean – Askimet has caught so much spam on my blog too. Be consoled that the spammers are probably bots who don’t actually have to physically go to your posts to comment. 🙂

  2. Dom

    Take tramadol to enjoy a larger manhood at OEM prices.


  3. If it makes you feel any better:

    Akismet has caught 13,611 spam for you since you first installed it.

    I have had 6,867 comments. Ratio is about the same xxx

  4. Hooly, that just means that I can’t hunt them down and kick them.

    Dom, OEM prices you say?

    Soupy, you’re just so much more popular than I am.

  5. Chippy

    Hehe…. Tramadol is the last thing you want if you want a bigga dick, about all it does for me is keep me awake all bloody night, about the lousiest painkiller going, they ought to make the old DF118 again, they were brilliant…
    (Removes tongue from cheek…..)

  6. HF – no, I just churn out much more crap x

  7. Dom

    Tramdol rocks. Sends me absolutely loopy, although I tend not to remember much after I’ve been on a long course of it 😀 Don’t suffer too much with sleep, but you’ve remided me of the other side effect I’d forgotten about 😀

  8. Soupy, ha ha more crap than me. What a scary thought.

    Dom and Chippy, having avoided pain and painkillers I’m lost in this conversation.

  9. Same on mine. What do these people want?

  10. They want us to look at porn and buy drugs to make me bigger in the trouser department. Generally.

    I mean spam must work. It must be a cost effective method of marketing that has a definite return on the investment. Otherwise it wouldn’t be used so much. I hate all those under endowed men and perverts for supporting such an inconvenient method of marketing. Curse them.

  11. Dom

    Most of it is automated. In some cases the blogs are trawled by spiders looking for keywords, but generally it’s just a blanket approach. Program hits website, leaves comment spam, moves on. Ok, there is a very low hit rate, but it’s cheap enough to leave millions of comments all round the internet and there are people clueless enough to follow the spam mails that there is money in it. What we need to do is shoot the clueless people. As for the spammers themselves, I’m not sure what punishment they deserve, but whatever I can think of can’t possibly be bad enough.

    And ladies, be honest here. The pictures of the ‘members’ they have in spam emails (you know, the obviously fake plastic ones held up against a bloke by a woman ‘eagerly’ looking at it) – do you find that in any way attactive? I’d be surprised if you did.

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