Big Demon Bunny

This is Saffie.

This is Tiny Tash carrying her.  You should have an idea of how big she is from this picture.  Ignore the half unpacked boxes in the background.

Saffie taking the kids for a walk on a lead.  That’s the back garden.


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19 responses to “Big Demon Bunny

  1. That rabbit looks like a monster.

  2. She’s a baby rabbit. I think that she’ll grow bigger than an elephant eventually.

  3. Fabulous

    Is she big or is it just me seeing her looking big. She is very fluffy and cute.

  4. She is enormous. Look at that bone structure.

  5. tam

    A Bunny on a leash? I have now seen it all!

  6. Crikey, I am going to have nightmares about the size of that rabbit.

  7. Wow!! Lovely rabbit!
    Big, too. I used to have a white dwarf albino rabbit that my grandad got me from his mate in the magic circle. They’re the kind that get produced from hats as part of the magician’s stereotypical repetoire. He was much smaller than your Saffie. (My rabbit, Pixie, not my grandad).

  8. Sioned

    Saffie is gorgeous!! I must have her!

  9. Tam, it stops her escaping.

    Perp, you should see her teeth.

    Span, I was imagining this diminutive old man riding a giant rabbit for a moment. As a trusty steed, you understand.

    Michelle, where have you been? You’ll have to come over to Angletaire and try to steal her. Watch out though as she is gigantic and fearsome…just like me. 😉

  10. Are you sure? They need lots of food.

  11. I’m sorry hon but you can’t have them….except for the cat. She’s stinky.

  12. my baby bunny is cute and fully and rizzla ruler of everone and thing is loved by bunny

  13. i am the great and wonderfull rizzla mwereship me minorns
    i am the best cat in the universe blah blah blah
    i am here to tell you silly hoverfrog that i DO NOT STINK IT YOU THAT SKINKS fair well worshipers i have to be sick on hoverfrog bed now bye

  14. oh and bunny will escape later

  15. cake worm

    We LUURRR U Rizzy!!!!!!!!! Kill Saffy. She iz dum.

    And destructive.

    And annoying.

    And smellly.

  16. cake worm

    And she eats other peeps food. Dat means urs.

    Kill her.


  17. tiny tash


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