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The lovely lady rats

If you’ve ever tried to photograph rats then you’ll know how incredibly difficult it is to get them to pose.  Here are a few pictures of the girls that I managed to take.

Izzy as modelled by Snarly Beth. 

The other no-name sister, Anya trying to escape from Cake Worm.

Templeton the spider rat shows Little Al how to clamber.

Smudge finding ways to tickle Cake Worm and make Tiny Tasha laugh.

A bonus photograph of my chin and Smudge playing “Climb the tall guy”.


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Big Demon Bunny

This is Saffie.

This is Tiny Tash carrying her.  You should have an idea of how big she is from this picture.  Ignore the half unpacked boxes in the background.

Saffie taking the kids for a walk on a lead.  That’s the back garden.


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