EggsYesterday I had an eggsam for my OU course.  I must say that I felt scrambled by the time it was over.  I was even tempted to poach some answers from the guy in front.  I worked eggtra hard to get my answers down in the three hours and I even took regular breaks to ensure that I didn’t crack. I was eggstatic when the invigilator said we should put down out pens.  My poor finger had a blister from all my writing.  It was eggstruciating. 

No, seriously I had the exam for my MT262: Putting computer systems to work course yesterday.  It went reasonably well I think.  I’m sure that I’ve got enough to pass but I ran out of time so I didn’t do my usual self check to estimate my score.

After the exam I wandered round Pompey for a few hours waiting for The Hildy to finish work and meet me for a very late lunch.  Sadly I gave up and purchased some food from Spud Lady in Commercial Road.  This was a good plan except that it made me sleepy and I then had to look at DVDs to keep myself awake.  Hence the six new DVDs that I brought home.

Speaking of which, don’t bother watching Ghost Rider.  Nicolas Cage used up all his acting skill in Leaving Los Vegas but persists on working.  The story is full of holes, the comic book nature of which is taken just that step too far to be entertaining.  Sadly the special effects don’t make up for a bad film.  It should either have been darker and had a decent moral message to it to it or lighter and played for laughs.  Of course the former would require an actor with talent and that man isn’t Nicolas Cage.

I also picked up a copy of Hairspray, not the new version but the 1988 version with Ricki Lake in the lead role.  As with most things that John Waters writes this film is a bit off the wall but there is a deeper message behind all the silliness. 

Anyway, it’s half term next week and I’m on holiday.  Have fun and try not to miss me too much.


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13 responses to “Eggsam

  1. hope you have a nice holiday!!!

  2. hovertadpole

    hairspray looks cheesy. rather watch ghosty ridery than cheesy mcCheese

  3. M

    oh you crack me up Mr Frog.

    I’ll probably get ghost rider when I get around to it; being the comic-book-to-movie whore that I am. The new hairspray is meant to be good I thought. Anyway have a good weekend

  4. Thanks Jellyface.

    Snarly, do your homework girl. You can watch Ghost Rider tonight when mum’s at the pub.

    Mas, :)) I’d heard bad things about the new version of hairspray. I think I’ll end up watching it though. Who wouldn’t want to see John Travolta in a fat suit?

  5. ahhhhh Hover, you will be missed! Hurry back, I know eggactly what you’re going through….it’s another eggample of how eggstremely busy one can get when eggsperiencing true life…..a bit scrambled…

  6. Fabulous

    Have a great holiday.
    Keep me away from eggs. They bung me up. I cant be doing with anymore of that right now. x

  7. 1godsgal

    We’re missing the froginess…:(

  8. Mr Cage should have given up when he completed the only film I’ve seen him in that I’ve believed his character – The Rock – where he was a biological weapons expert and weedy lab-rat. The Rock is one of my favourite films.
    Not sure I can be bothered to watch Ghost Rider, or indeed, Hairspray version oldie or New. Anyway I thought John Travolta was ALREADY wearing a fat suit….

  9. I lost touch with a lot of the old gang after the WP migration, and my awful summer, and other things. Anyway, am getting back into the routine and will have to add everyone to my Blogger page now. I spent a couple of months on dialup and when I came back from NYC I set up the Virgin cable connection.

    Virgin isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Pretty good speeds on internet, patchy performance from the free receiver box, but we didn’t order their telephone service. Interestd to know your experience of them.

  10. Fabulous

    Where are you?

  11. Shaz.....U No Me....

    Please don’t Make ur tadpoles watch hairspray….. Beth will tell me how cheesy it is on and on….. and iv got my own problems
    beth says gostrider rox….

  12. Shanice, you can come round and watch Hairspray. I know that this is what you’re really after.

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