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All wizards have long, grey beards and pointy hats.

The Caterwauls who I share an office with are talking…again!  They really need to shush!  The current topic is “Lesbians”.  OK, I wasn’t listening so I don’t know how they got onto this topic but now I’ve been dragged in to it and asked my opinion.  This is never a good idea because now I’ve been very rude to The Caterwauls.  I’ve mocked their inability to see past the most basic of stereotypes.

It serves them right for saying things like “All lesbans* look a bit different from women, don’t they?” and “You can spot a lesban* because they are ugly and have short hair”.

I’m afraid that I’ve accidentally taken my irritation out on them and implied that I know of at least one lesbian in the office.  I don’t really as I am far too irritable to actually speak to anyone in the office so it is very unlikely that a secret lesbian would actually confide in me.

All the other places that I’ve ever worked have had a pretty average distribution of sexual preference.  Most of them had one or two ‘out’ homosexuals and the gossip machine implicated a couple more.  The last place I worked even had a lesbian wedding.  It was great fun even though the kids had me running around like a headless chicken trying to stop them breaking the sound equipment.  Perhaps the office here is the opposite end of the spectrum to when I worked at social services.  Almost everyone in social services was gay.  I think it was part of the equal opportunities policy.

I’m not even sure why it’s so interesting to The Caterwauls.  Apart from gossip what does it matter what two consenting adults choose to get up to in their free time?

*They can’t bring themselves to say lesbian and have made up this new word.


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