OK, I’m vegetarian, not vegan but this is funny.


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5 responses to “OK, I’m vegetarian, not vegan but this is funny.

  1. shanice....u no me...

    An empty Entry?!

  2. This made me laugh. Its everything that’s annoying about American TV. Anyway, it reminds me that a lot of self-labelled vegetarians don’t really know what vegetarianism is. My favourite is:
    “Hi, I’m vegetarian. Oh, but I do eat chicken sometimes. ”
    Well, then you’re clearly not vegetarian then, are you???

    Bloody hell. What is wrong with these people? Why not just say “Hi, what’s for dinner? Oh, I’d rather not have the pork – have you got chicken, instead?”

    Ta dahhhh!!!

  3. Well technically I’m a lacto-ovo vegetarian. Are you any kind of vegi?

    Apparently Hitler was the kind of vegetarian who ate chicken and occasionally steak and fish. Clearly not a vegetarian or perhaps just not a very good one.

    Incidentally a person who eats no animals other than fish isn’t a vegetarian but a pescetarian (also spelt ‘piscatarian’). I have at various times in my life also been a fruitarian but, like a vegan diet, is difficult and expensive to maintain.

  4. Nope. I’m not vegi. There are many foods I won’t eat – mostly orange ones – but I quite like meat.
    I have met a few pescetarians, and I’ve no problem with that – at least they’re not prentending to be vegetarian when they’re not quite.
    As long as you’re a non-meat-eating vegetarian, I’m cool!

  5. You like meat do you? Phnarr phnarr!

    Sorry, I seem to have momentarily regrressed to a 12 year old. What have you got against orange food?

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