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Sur la table

I have already mentioned The Hildy’s shopping trip but now I have a confession to make:

I went into town on Sunday to pick up some essential shopping (beer) and came home with a brand spanking second hand table. 

The table was obtained for the princely sum of £10 from the local dump.  I now have a solid pine table handsomely decorating my living room.  It is mostly used to store the Sunday papers while I finish reading them.

I must say that I am surprised at the things that are thrown away.  Granted, the table needs sanding down and re-varnishing to get rid of the coffee rings but it is in fine condition otherwise.  Anyone in need of wardrobes, takes, dressers, rabbit hutches, etc would be well advised to check out the dump for some real bargains. 

Now you can call me a skip rat if you like.

In other news no-one seems interested in reading the pets’ blog.  Is this because it is silly or because you hate animals?  Eh?


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I want to move house again

The sign says “Please – not so fast” Good advice for any driver, I think.


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