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Lazy blogging I know but I can’t sleep.

  1. Who is your partner? The Hildy
  2. How long and you been together? 18th March 1992 so 15 years.
  3. How long did you date? The same amount of time. How can you be with someone and not consider it dating?
  4. How old is your partner? 40.  She’s really old.
  5. Who eats more? I do.  The Hildy only eats one tiny piece of pasta once a week….and the odd Chinese meal.
  6. Who said I love you first? I did. Then she dumped me.  Then we got back together.
  7. Who is taller? If she were as tall as me then I’d be going out with a giant woman.  I’m not quite a foot taller than her.
  8. Who sings better? Honestly, I’ve never heard The Hildy sing.  She claims to be bad.  However as I am a terrible singer it could be wither of us.
  9. Who is smarter? I am.  I just let her win a Trivia Pursuits to keep her happy.
  10. Whose temper is worse? The Hildy is grumpier but we both have very slow tempers.  I think hers is worse.
  11. Who does the laundry? We both do but she does more than me.
  12. Who takes out the trash? That’s what children are for.
  13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I wish I had a bed at the moment but it’s not being delivered till Monday.  Normally The Hildy would be on the right hand side nearest the alarm clock.
  14. Who pays the bills? Direct debit, we’d both forget otherwise.
  15. Who is better with the computer? Me, obviously.  Even the kids are better on the computer that The Hildy.
  16. Who mows the lawn? Sapphire at the moment but we both have in the past.
  17. Who cooks dinner? Usually The Hildy cooks for the kids because I don’t get home till late but I enjoy cooking more.
  18. Who drives when you are together? We walk, get the bus or the train.  We’re a non-driving family.
  19. Who is the most stubborn? The Hildy is a stubborn as a stubborn person.  I blame her German blood.
  20. Whose parents do you like the most? Of easy.  Hers.
  21. Who kissed who first? I assume that this means who initiated the first kiss.  Probably me, I can be forward like that sometimes.
  22. Who asked out who? It wasn’t so much ask as fell together.
  23. Who proposed? Never seriously.  Who’d want to marry me?
  24. Who has more friends? We’ve taken it in turn to systematically drive each other’s friends away.  The Hildy has older friends.
  25. Who has more siblings? I have only my little bro while The Hildy has two big sisters.

Well, that was interesting wasn’t it.  I tag anyone who wants to play.


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