Never send a woman to do a man’s job.

Well if that title doesn’t get some comments then nothing will. 

We spent the weekend unpacking.  As much fun as this sounds I had really had enough of it by about midday on Saturday.

On Sunday we had reached the point where we couldn’t unpack anything else without some additional shelves.  With this in mind The Hildy set off into town with her sister and a list of specific bookcases to purchase….

…several hours later she returned with a rabbit.

No bookcases just a white, fluffy bunny.  Named Sapphire, Saffie for short.

We still haven’t decided on names for the rats though.


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32 responses to “Never send a woman to do a man’s job.

  1. Dom

    So did you just accept this new pet and silently seeth about the fact they were sent off several hours ago to get shelves or did you just explode there and then? 😀

  2. Fabulous

    hahaha did you say that she could have a rabbit?.

  3. Dom, my calmness received the praise of The Hildy’s sister (The Kay). Secretly I am just resigned to the fact that nothing ever goes according to plan. At least not my plan.

    F.A.B. no chance of that I’m afraid. I’m just glad that my mother isn’t around. She’d have skinned it and popped it in a pot to cook within 5 minutes.

  4. picture of bunny please…..

  5. The Hildy makes me laugh! I have daughter who gets sidetracked like that especially where fuzzy creatures are involved..although her favorite is frogs..and we have had lots of them along with bunnies, hamsters, dogs and cats, and fish..YES folks we have the entire circle of life in my house! We are at the top of the foodchain..and my mother would also cook them if she were here! LOL

  6. over at FC and wonder why you haven’t post…making you wonder at all what is going on there..honestly I am the only thing going on there..but I am moving up in the numbers as long as i comment…we really could just move to the top with one liners…LOL sorry I am bored and want my friends to come out and play before I OD on coffee!

  7. Did you buy rats then???? Do you want two who have a penchant for eating mobile phone charger cables/headphones/wireless internet power cables/duvets/jumpers/muller light yoghurt?

    Am thinking of rehoming my babies because my housemates are twats.

  8. Jellyface, I’d love to but my digital camera is on the blink. It won’t accept the cheap arse batteries that I keep buying.

    Darla, nothing wrong with ODing on coffee. That’s how I live my life.

    Soupus, yes. If you ever read my blog you’d know already. 😉 Two middle aged rats might not mix with my new babies though. How old are the old dears now anyway?

  9. Sioned

    Have I ever told you how much I love the sound of your life. The Kids, The Hildy.. all of you. I want to live next door and just hang out with you all. Can I?

  10. Aw thanks Michelle. I want to live next door to you and hang out too. When are you travelling into the future anyway?

  11. godsgal1

    Sounds like fun times Hov, I know it may not feel that way at the moment….but as long as The Hildy is happy, what more could you want??? The Hildy did exactly what I would have done….sorry…mine would have been a puppy tho…..LOL

  12. They aren’t middle aged!! I got them in November I think and they were about 6 weeks then. Does that make them old? oh no!!

  13. And Imissed that para on the last post. Completely didnt see it when I read it. Can I come and play with the babies?

  14. godsgal1

    I may regret asking this….but what is blue soup???

  15. floatykatja

    But does the rabbit have nasty, big, pointy teeth?

  16. That is quite impressive. No shelves, just a big white rabbit. Its never going to keep your books off the floor, now, is it??

  17. concertmaster

    hehe! Now that’s something my Mrs might do… Although she would probably return with a dog…

  18. GG, no! Don’t even mention puppies. I’ll need a bigger house. I think Blue Soup will be able to tell you what she is but the name comes from Bridget Jones I think. I’m no expert of chic lit though.

    Soupy, so they are about a year old and rats live for two to three years so I’m saying middle aged is about where they are. Next summer they’ll be old ladies. You can come visit if you like but only if you bring ham for they to eat.

    Lovely Katja, great, biut, pointy teeth and claws too. It kin rip a man’s throat out just like that. rrrr RRR. She also has enormous blue eyes.

    Spaniel, I briefly considered feeding the bunny some literature but apparently they much prefer carrots. Whodathunkit?

    CM, shush about the dogs already. The cat is already freaking over the idea that a large floppy eared interloper is taking over her house.

  19. tam

    Just the laugh I needed! Hilarious! Way to go Hildy 😉

  20. Frog, in response to your conversation with Katja:

    “…You scots git!”

  21. Tam, she is a wonder.

    Spaniel, ha! A Python fan. Brilliant.

  22. Shanice.... U no me....

    Ummmmm so she just got a bunny……. how did beth react……
    and Rizz…….
    Random Bunny out of nowhere….
    Ive held(kind of) Sapphire and she bit my jeans.

    Beth says tash’s eyes r hazel
    they so arnt

  23. Shanice.... U no me....

    I’m coming to ur house 2day
    nothing u can do about it
    please explain 2 beth that im not a goth!!

  24. hovertadpole

    ‘i gotta theory
    it could be bunnies’

    saffie bit me with her razor sharp toothies *bites lip*
    cute but D E A D L Y !

  25. Awww Wanting a bunny too. I miss my old bunnies. Not sure I’d want an evil rabbit that goes for ya neck.
    (Yes I’m a python fan.. who isnt?)

  26. Dom

    Tha’s no ordn’ry rabbi’. Tha’s the most foul, cruel and bad-tempered rodent you ever laid eyes on!

  27. [l a u r e n ] (snarlys friend)

    hey , some funny stuff! love the bit about moving house! urrrr….. putting your blog on my favs! x loz x

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  29. saffie is not bad temmperd [DOM EVIL PERSON]saffie is friendly and cute and a little odd but NOT FOUL OR CRUEL!!!!

  30. buunies rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Cakeworm

    I haz plan 2 thro saffy in big lake and watch her drown if she pees on me again!
    I haz killer swans 2 eat her 2 if she bites through phone cable again!
    I’d like 2 point out dat no1 wanted 2 buy her in the pet shop in da first place.

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