It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day

What kind of pirate am I? You decide!
You can also view a breakdown of results or put one of these on your own page!
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey


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8 responses to “It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day

  1. tam

    Wow-Hov! Posted at 12:01 A.M. – you ARE really excited about this!

  2. godsgalchild

    Here’s something to help the blokes with their pirate speech….aaaarrrrrr Hope the move was smooootthhhh….aaaarrrrr

    The Pirate Alphabet
    A: Ehhhhhhh? — “What’s that?”
    B: Are — as in “Be ye ready to surrender?”

    C: Si, si! — To a Spanish pirate, “Yes!”

    E: Eeeeee! — “Maaaaaaaaybe . . . ”

    I: Aye — “Yes!”

    L: ‘Ell — A destination, as in, “To L with you, matey!”

    O: Oh! — “Oh!”

    Q: Queue — A sailor’s pigtail, usually tarred.

    R: Arrrrrr! — A general expression of glee.

    T: Tea — A very inferior substitute for grog.

    Y: Why? — To be said in a grumpy voice when the cap’n gives an order.

    Z: Zee — To a French pirate, “the.”

  3. M

    arrr; may the scurvy na’ves b’forced t’walk the plank arrr

  4. don’t make me walk the plank ya scurvy dawg…I did report the incident to the proper people…:) you rock Hover! happy pirates day! there are 32 kids talking like a pirate today, at least this morning…I am soon going to pick them back up…and see how they made out!

  5. Arrr, my scurvy eyes cannot be a’believin that ITLAP day is back agin already. It be seemin like only a few landlubbing weeks since we were a’talkin this way afore. It fair takes me back to ye olde days of ye 20 and six (leagues) afore we all ditched it in Davy Jone’s locker. Arrr.

  6. Tam, the magic o’ postin’ a week in advance that be. WordPress me a grand ship ter sail on.

    GG, yers done the full alphabet. This book lerning be too much fer a son o’ a sea biscuit like mesel’.

    Yarr first mate Mas.

    Darla, did ye do yer singin’? A good song be important ta good piratin’ It keeps yer in line. Yarr!

    Pun, arr, the olde days were grand indeed. Let’s raise a mug fer past battles.

  7. tam

    would someone kindly translate?

  8. Bless your cotton socks, Tam. I posted the two pirate posts last week using the time stamp function of wordpress so that they would appear yesterday and the day before. I knew I wouldn’t be about and wanted to commemorate ITLAPD properly.


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