I have a theory…

….it could be bunnies.

Having taken the decision to buy le château de grenouille (my 5 bedroom house that I shall be moving into on Monday) and sell l’étang de grenouille (the current home of the EU surplus box mountain) I have come to appreciate the benefits of good and efficient customer service….or rather I would have appreciated it if I’d had any.  I’ve been having trouble trying to understand how such diverse groups of people as estate agents, solicitors, and Internet service providers can all be so utterly crap.

It isn’t like they all work for the post office or anything.  I can understand how a monopoly can degenerate in service level to the lowest possible point.  Lack of competition breeds apathy.  If you don’t have a choice but to use a service then it really doesn’t matter how well or how poorly they treat you.

However for a company that operates in a normal competitive environment an upset customer will likely take their custom to a competitor and slag off the poor company to anyone who will listen.  Why then do they all seem to be so rubbish?

hoverFrog’s First Law of Customer Service Apathy

A company will naturally gravitate to the same level of service as it’s competitors.

hoverFrog’s Second Law of Customer Service Apathy

A company with sufficient customers to meet it’s payroll needs will cease to value them.

hoverFrog’s Third Law of Customer Service Apathy

The motivation of an employee is inversely proportional to the number of departments in the office where they work.


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8 responses to “I have a theory…

  1. floatykatja

    It’s always bunnies.


  2. tam

    Agree! We have one cable company in town here – and they run their business like their the best thing since sliced bread! Like we owe them and should be grateful to have them around! They are ridiculously expensive and their customer service bites big time!

    We have chosen to use satellite for T.V. so we don’t have to deal with these people!

  3. tam

    Holy crap! 3:14!! It’s barely 7:14 a.m. here!

  4. godsgal1

    ALWAYS blame the bunnies!!!! Ya, when there is little competition for services, they really take advantage of the people! Have a happy!!!

  5. “The motivation of an employee is inversely proportional to the number of departments in the office where they work.”

    hilarious and so true.

  6. Jason

    So THAT’s why there are so many Bunny Boilers around! 🙂

  7. Sioned

    Bunnies! Bunnies! It must be bunnies!!

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