Two little things

Bill posted this yesterday and it was interesteing so I’m copying it.

I’d like to ask these two simple questions:

  • If you could travel to any two places in the world, where would you go?
  • If you could change two things about the world, what would you change?


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5 responses to “Two little things

  1. M

    Q1: Eastern Europe, New Zealand
    Q2: Religion, politics

    how about you Mr Frog with the questions ?

  2. I’m a very curious fellow, Mas. What would you change about religion and politics? Are you advocating a total ban or a variety of general amendments?

  3. For my answers see blog.

  4. 1. Right right right up north the the pole. And to somewhere in South America
    2. That people feel the need to push animals to extinction and that people feel the need to kill other people

  5. M

    I thought you’d be a curious sort Mr Frog; when I have more time I’ll go on about it I’m sure. But simply put; you look at the woes of the world and they’re either down to the politics of power, or the effects of influencial people of faith.

    How I’d change them?
    I think I have a long-running series of books in me that would answer that question, starting with “Christ! (and related Bullshit )” – look for it from all reputable booksellers fall 2008 🙂

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