Olivia’s Meme

Getting Acquainted

1. What time did you get up this morning?
6am.  It’s a work day after all.

2. Diamonds or pearls?
Diamonds.  At least I’m happy about where they’ve come from.

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
Transformers.  It was actually quite good.

4. What’s your favorite TV show?
Saturday morning cartoons probably.  Something I can just switch off and watch.

5. What did you have for breakfast?
Nothing.  I’m not a breakfast person….although in the literal meaning of breakfast it would have been a crisp sarnie.

6. What’s your favorite cuisine?
Usually whatever it is I’m cooking at the time.  Either that or Chinese or Indian food.

7. What foods do you dislike?
Anything that used to move on it’s own.  Custard.

8. What is your favorite chip flavor?
Chip is a flavour.  With salt and lashings of vinegar, maybe some brown sauce and mustard….Oh you mean crisps.  Plain\ready salted.

9. What’s your favorite CD at the moment?
Good grief, I’m not that consistent.  My iPod has never been off shuffle.

10. What kind of car do you drive?
Shoe.  Yes, I walk.

11. Favorite sandwich?
Usually something involving cheese. Cheese and tomato, cheese salad, plain cheese, cheese and crisps, cheese and mango chutney, cheese and mustard, cheese and mayo.  You get the idea.

12. What characteristics do you despise?
Dishonesty, conceit, self loathing.

13. Favorite item of clothing?
My green trainers.  They cost me £6 dontchaknow.

14. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation where would you go?
In the world?  Erm, I’d quite like to see the Grand Canyon but then the Pyramids are quite cool as well.  Can I phone a friend?

15. What color is your bathroom(s)?
White and green (of course)

16. Favorite brand of clothing?
Clothes come in brands?

17. Where would you retire to: beach, or wooded retreat?
Wooded retreat.  Woods are cooler than beaches.  Literally and figuratively

18. Favorite time of the day?
Night.  While not technically part of the day I still like night best.  I especially like that pre-dawn night when the world is just waking up.

19. What were your most memorable birthdays?
Not my own.  I think that Snarly’s first birthday is the one I’ll remember best.

20. Where were you born?

21. Favorite sport to watch?
I hate watching sports.  Honestly I can’t think of anything duller.

22. Who do you least expect to send this back to you?
Not a soul

23. Person you expect to send it back first?
See 22 above.

24. What fabric detergent do you use?
Not sure as we keep changing it.  It has to be made by an ethical company or at least one that has good PR so as to hide it’s unethical behaviour well.

25. Were you named after anyone?
Yes I was named after Jason King – mustancioed hero of 70s TV and footballer Clyde Best.

26. Do you wish on stars?
What would be the point in that?  Do you wish on other burning gases?  Pah, I mock your superstitiousness.

27. When did you last cry?
As a sturdy man I never cry and even if I did I’d never admit it.  Instead I will just stand here and look grim.  Possibly stoic.

28. Do you like your handwriting?
I’m the only one who needs to read the things that I write.  Even my children mock my handwriting.

29. What is your most embarrassing flaw?
I am without fault.  Probably my arrogance.

30. If you were another person, would YOU be friends with you?
No.  One of me is more than enough.  If there were two mes then we’d always argue.  The phrase devil’s advocate was made for me.  As was pompous twerp.

31. Are you a daredevil?
From the eponymous Marvel comics?  Sadly not.

32. Have you ever told a secret you swore not to tell?
Never, I would never swear on such a thing.

33. Do looks matter?
Not if you want to shag me but definitely if it’s the other way round.

34. How do you release anger?
I bottle it up and then explode.  It’s the best way even if it can be messy.

35. Where is your second home?
Home is where the heart is.  I have no second home.

36. What were your favorite toys as a child?
I had a meccano set so it was either that or my scalectrix.

37. What class in high school do you think was totally useless?
There is nothing useless about education.  Even RE had some use.

38. Do you use sarcasm a lot?
No.  I am never sarcastic.  What do you think?

39. Favorite movies?
Dangerous Liaisons.  The Malkovich\Close version.

40. What are your nicknames?
Nothing repeatable.

41. Would you bungee jump?

42. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
Of course.

43. Do you think that you are strong?
Hulk is the strongest one there is.

44. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
Sadly it is the humble vanilla.  How very English of me.

45. What are your favorite colors?

46. What is your least favorite thing about yourself?
My love of cake.

47. Who do you miss the most?
No-one.  I honestly don’t miss anyone at all. 

48. Do you want everyone you sent this to send it back?
No 🙂

49. What color pants are you wearing?
I only put them on this morning.  You’d think I’d remember.  Hang on, I’ve got to check….red….why is everyone in the office staring at me?

50. What are you listening to right now?
The sounds of my keyboard clackety clacking.

51. Last thing you ate?
The same thing I had for breakfast.  A crisp sarnie.

52. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
Rainbow.  Yes you can buy rainbow coloured crayons.  I’ve seen them.

53. Last person you talked to on the phone?
The Hildy.

54. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
Is this a ploy to determine how sexist I am?  It depends on whether they are walking towards me or away from me.

55. Favorite Drink?
Either tea or coffee.  I can’t even be consistent when it comes to a beverage.

56. Do you wear contacts?
No, I don’t like the idea of sticking something in my eye.

57. Favorite Day of the Year?
International Talk Like a Pirate Day – September 19th.

58. Scary Movies or Happy Endings?
Scary movie

59. Hugs OR Kisses?
Kisses.  I like both but you made me choose.  A passionate kiss should include at least some hugging.

60. What Is Your Favorite Dessert?
An apple.  Seriously.  I like apples.  OK, not what you meant.  How about Apple crumble?

61. What Book(s) Are You Reading?
I am reading 2001 a space odyssey for the very first time.

62. What’s On Your Mouse Pad?
Haven’t got one, you don’t need them for optical mice.

63. What Did You Watch Last night on TV?
Nothing, I don’t think there was anything worth watching.  I sat in my garden and talked with The Hildy instead.

64. Favorite Smells?
A thunderstorm.  Sea.  Grass after a rain.  Freshly cut grass.  Baking bread.

65. Rolling Stones or Beatles?
The Stones.


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  3. To be fair I stole it from Olivia.

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  6. ROFL!! Talk like a pirates day?! I have to mark my calendar so that I can get in on that one! Just came to visit…

  7. I can’t believe that you’ve never heard of International Talk Like a Pirate Day. It’s famous.

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