NOT Easter

BlueSoup says that she can only just cook an egg.

I can think of loads of ways to cook an egg:

  1. Baked (oeufs en cocotte)
  2. Boiled (soft and hard)
  3. Coddled (even in a microwave)
  4. Deviled (ooh spicy)
  5. Fried (I like mine crispy)
  6. Poached (my favourite)
  7. Scrambled (with pepper)
  8. Omelette (with lots of melted cheese)
  9. Pickled (brown vinegar and chillis)

How do you like your eggs in the morning?


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10 responses to “NOT Easter

  1. fried. with a runny yolk. i like yolk. i don’t like the white

  2. concertmaster

    Oh! Are you offering to make breakfast? Thank you! 😉
    Fried. In a roll with bacon. And lots of tomato ketchup if that’s OK.

  3. I like a boiled egg with soldiers. Not toast soldiers though. Bread and butter ones.

    I also like my eggs cooked by someone other than me.

  4. Dom

    I like my eggs to remain in the fridge in the morning, but if they absolutely must be involved then scrambled (All Bar One and thier seeming inability to propely cook the eggs on their Gamon, Egg and Chips put me off fried eggs last year). Of course, if we’re allowing egg derivatives, then I like them mixed with 4oz of flour, 1oz of sugar, some milk and cooked up in some delicious pancakes 😀

    Oh – I’m also partial to the fake eggs in the Double Sausage and Egg McMuffin which is truely the breakfast of the Gods (well, the God of High Cholesterol at least) 🙂

  5. Yasmin

    Poached eggs make a good breakfast, especially with smoked haddock. But a proper spanish tortilla is best of all.

  6. It seems we have some connoisseurs of the humble egg on WordPress.

    Pinky, the whites are the best bits especially when their all crispy.

    CM, no, we haven’t even been formally introduced. Yuck to your ketchup as well.

    Soupy, who has toast soldiers? That’s just barbaric/

    Dom, pancakes sound great. I might just make some for breakfast tomorrow. I will stay away from the Rotten Ronnie Cholesterol God of heart failure though.

    Yasmin, poached eggs are good but I always cover them in salt and pepper and eat them on unhealthy white toast. Definitely no fish. A Spanish omelette sounds good but you have to cook them thin.

  7. scrambled, with sliced red chillis…. oh and hello to a fellow frog 🙂

  8. Mas Maureen, at least you didn’t say fertilised.

    Soapyfrog, *waves* ah chillis, good addition. I sometimes like some browned onions but not many.

  9. M

    Are egg preferences a sign of personality traits? Maybe I should have gone for scrambled and cheesy … on second thoughts… I think I’ll stick with being over easy

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