Hovering Frogs

Polly told me about this.


Proof that we frogs can hover. 


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8 responses to “Hovering Frogs

  1. Clever anticipation on your part, indeed.

  2. concertmaster

    Ha! I knew it was true all along!

  3. huh….looks kind of illusional? 😉 Blazing rows is not something common here in the states…what is it? Blazing saddles was popular for awhile tho…..

  4. It’s an argument of such savage intensity that it is almost aflame.

    Wasn’t “Blazing Saddles” a really bad film from the 90s?

  5. Ya, it was horrible and quite dumb as well…… My vocab is growing at a very high rate! 🙂

  6. Mine too. At least one word a day.

  7. Trevor scott

    Ok look I’m only going to help you people once if magnets powerful enough are placed in a perfect equilateral triangle they will cause a small field in the very middle of the triangle. This field will react in a very stable way with water. The object or subject will float randomly in the triangle only. If you look though the triangle you will notice you need a fourth triangle to stablize the object or subject like a down or up if you prefer like a way to fight gravity

  8. Trevor scott

    Another thing to point out is that if we are a the dimensional being then fourth aspect is required for outside influence of momentum

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