hoverFrog recommends

The Dead Poets Society.

Yes it’s an old film and hardly one for action or special effects but it is still a good film.  Some people would call it a feel good movie or a chick flick but I still enjoy watching it.  Robin Williams is masterful in his role as Professor Keating who inspires his students to “Seize the Day”.  Fans of poetry can also point out the numerous errors in the quotes…correcting movies never gets tired.

Fans of House MD (Season 3 finished last night) will also have a good laugh at a young Robert Leonard (Dr Wilson) who appears not to have aged as much as he should have.

Have a good weekend everyone.


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4 responses to “hoverFrog recommends

  1. concertmaster

    Yes, yes and thrice yes! DPS is a top film. We watched it again a couple of months ago. Beautifully filmed, acted and above all, directed in my humble opinion.

    It is indeed, a cracker.

  2. M

    One of my all time favourites.

    (and season 3 of house has finished? I’ve barely started on season 1 here)

  3. Great film. House is brilliant too. I try not to watch it before trials because it makes my cross-examinations too sarcastic

  4. I love House, it’s the mystery diagnoses that keeps me going, plus the fact that the blithe Bertie Wooster makes such a good meanie doctor. I am upset that I am missing out on all sorts of good TV as the antenna in this building is crap – so we’ve got fuzzy pics and intermittent 5 channels, and not enough signal for Freeview. Now just waiting for Virgin Media to come install cable next week, as we couldn’t get Sky. But at least I’ve got broadband back to keep me occupied, as you know!

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