One thing that I was doing at the weekend that I have failed to mention is the discussion I had regarding the concept of Karma.  The Hildy, in all her beauty, intellect and wisdom, really likes the idea of karma whereas I preferred to think about it as more of that nonsense superstition that people put too much faith in.

As our discussion and various clarifications came about we discovered that we had different ideas of what karma actually meant.  I had always thought of karma from the western ideology that when a good or bad deed is performed it is returned to you in a different form.  i.e. You buy a street sleeper a cup of tea and a sandwich and your library fines get waived.  I’d always looked upon this as being exceptionally mercenary and selfish.  A person should not perform good or helpful deeds in order to be rewarded or even in expectation of being rewarded.  Altruism should be it’s own reward.  This is much the same issue I have with the idea of heaven but we’re talking about karma here and nothing else.

The Hildy prefers the eastern idea of karma understood to denoting the entire cycle of cause and effect whereby a good (or bad) deed is not necessarily returned to the person who performed it but is added to a cumulative total that is somehow then returned to everyone in some way.  Now this actually makes sense to me.  It’s like the idea of performing a random act of kindness that then begets kindness from others simply because they have been on the receiving end of it.  i.e. you pay for someone’s parking and this puts them in a good so they buy cakes for their work colleagues.  They in turn do something nice for someone else, etc, etc.  You may never be rewarded for your initial kindness but the whole world benefits in some small way.  This, to me, is not something mystical and involves no superstition at all.  It is simply human psychology at work.

Within that in mind I’m going to try to do something kind (beyond not hitting people who annoy me), I’m not sure that so I need your help to suggest something.  What random acts of kindness have you performed or suggest that I perform?


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9 responses to “Chameleon

  1. Dom

    To be honest the people who annoy you would also annoy the majority of us and, by hitting them, you might convince them to stop being annoying which would increase the positive karma in the world. Failing that you could give me the £5500 I need for my ultimate games machine. That’s a whole load of karma just waiting to be unleashed on the world and I’m willing to do my bit towards world happyness 😀

  2. To be fair almost everyone annoys me in some small way. If I punched them all I’d be like one of those mad little dogs who have to have their knackers removed to stop them biting people and I really wouldn’t want that to happen to me.

    Your second option was close and I even had my cheque book out right up until you misspelt “happiness”. You were so close as well.

  3. M

    Smile at people and tell them they look good.

    Mr Frog, you’re looking quite dapper this afternoon; it’s a good look – suits you definately. Keep it up -smiles-

    M (see)

  4. *backs away slowly from Mas*
    Why are you baring your fangs at me in that threatening manner?

  5. blazinggig

    I think karma was created by people who felt cheated out of life by others
    for example two people go into a job interview and their both highly qualified, they start to talk and (employee a) mentions that they have newly born or small children to take care of, while the other lets (call them employee b) says that they dont want kids yet. employee b’s called in first but doesn’t get the job, but then tells the employer that his/her rival having kids may distrupt his/her work ethic and it will cost the business in terms of payed leave. Employer reconsiders and gives employee b the job.

    Another reason karma is ridiculus comes from the fact that there cant be some malevalent force that rewards you or punishes you just because you used an advantage that someone freely gave you.

    Ps: i was employer b and nothing bad ever happend to be, in fact i eventually got promoted hahhahaha

    Peace Out……….:-/

  6. blazinggig

    lol i meant employee b……..sorry about that

  7. Chippy

    I had a chicken karma only last week, well tasty!!

  8. Someone keeps shitting on me no-matter what I do!

    Apparently I dropped a pound coin in Waitrose and a woman rushed up and gave it to me .. so I gave it to the MS charity blokes outside coz I couldn’t be sure it as mine .. and what the hell!

    I got to the car .. flat f**ing tyre!

  9. Blazinggig\Cataclysmical, the eastern idea of karma is that the reward is in the improvement or suffering to the whole of life rather than to individuals. Your actions, malevolent and benevolent alike, contribute to an entirety of good and bad actions that reverberate through society and impact others in ways that you cannot imagine. It is not directed by a supreme intelligence so there is no god in charge as such and you may never see the results of your own actions but they nevertheless exist.

    As I said this make some sense in that a good action (giving someone money that they have dropped rather than keeping it) makes someone feel good and they then perform another good act as a result (giving to charity). A bad action (manipulating your way into a better job) makes someone feel bad and he may go out and puncture someones tire in anger. It would be interesting to try to recreate this as an psychology experiment but I doubt if an ethics committee would pass it.

    Chippy, not too spicy I hope? These things have a tendency to repeat on you.

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